If you didn't already know... Hubby is a junkie.

His drugs of choice: Triathlons. Marathons. 5k's. Long Bike Rides. Dualathlons. ETC.

So, you can imagine how happy he is every year when his pride and joy and mine gets to participate in our local YMCA's Superkidz triathlon.

Last week, George took SJ to get her some rockin' new Saucony Tennis shoes (because that is what he wears) and a new swimsuit. They have been getting ready for this for quite some time now. After talking about this everyday for what seems like months...

FINALLY today was the Day.

Here are a few pics of The Big Event!

Here is Sarah Jane getting a pep talk from her Daddy...
Waiting to "get this thing started"
Warming up a bit with her coach right by her side:
Nerves setting in:
I just love this picture:
She was very excited about this race!
Get SET:
And They're off!:
The Transition:
I didn't get ANY pictures of her on her bike b/c George went with her and I stayed behind... Here she is coming off the bike, making the turn for the run:
Look at that form!:
And... SHE DID IT!! in 15:15, according to Daddy's watch:
Way to Go Sarah Jane, We are so proud of you! As long as you live, you'll always be able to do anything you put your mind to... why? Because You're a Triathlete.

Check out Last Year's big Event HERE


Dana said...

That made me cry! I need medication! Way to go Sarah Jane! We're proud of you too!

The Tri Runner said...

You got some great shots of Sarah Jane.

So proud of her!

Michelle Yoder said...

Wow - you go Sarah Jane! Impressive!

Momma Such said...

You have received the Meme Award! Be sure to stop by my page to claim it!

I must say that the photos on your blog are great! :)

April Cluck said...

That was awesome!!! Way to go SJ!!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.