It feels good to be right sometimes!

A few months back, George and I were riding home from somewhere and we popped in Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" c.d. --- we were listening and singing and laughing and then I said, this music really sounds alot like Taylor Swift's song, "Love Story". George laughed and gave me a little spill about how there are only so many notes and so many combinations of those notes and eventually one song will sound like another until they all start to sound the same one day... Don't ask why he says things like that, that is just how he is and I love him for it. --- and he also threw in there in that Taylor Swift and Coldplay are not anywhere near the same calibur of musical capability.... Well, apparently --- I was right. Oh what a glorious feeling.

Check out this video from someone who obviously thought the same thing that I did. I love this --- and my Janey girl does too. She's been dancing around the living room to this all morning.

I imagine that this is what music would be like if Chris Martin and Taylor Swift got married. Move over Gwenyth Paltrow.

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