4 months

At 4 months, my little man is quite the character - his facial expressions are something else (as is his hair!). He loves to put all kinds of things in his mouth; toys, bottle, passies, my hair.. whatever he can grab hold of! I feel like he has some teeth that are going to bust through any day now! He loves to spend time playing with his floor gym and he is still very in love with his swing. He rolls anywhere he feels like rolling and pushes up on his arms - I have a feeling it won't be many more months until he is on the move really well. We're still not sleeping through the night, he wakes up 2-3 times a night.. hopefully, something will give on that soon. We start cereal this month, so I am sure that will help!

Here are a few picture of my little Raleigh-Bug at 4 months old:

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Dana said...

So sweet! We love you Raleigh! Great pictures Jay!