family update!

There's alot going on this week in our house! SJ is getting into the groove of first grade - so far, so good. I absolutely could not love her teacher any more. After the year that we had in Kindergarten, I know Miss Willis was sent straight from Heaven! She's an answer to SO many people's prayers and SJ loves her. This year, she'll being doing REAL work and have real tests... welcome to spelling tests and math homework.. but so far, we are on top of it. She is also starting back to dance this week - she missed 2 years in there so on Monday they put her in a remedial dance class... she was NOT thrilled with that. After class she told me that they danced to baby songs like "The Wuzzy Fuzzy Caterpillar" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"... but today, she LOVED it. I happen to think that she is the cutest little ballerina on. the. planet.
Speaking of cutie-pa-tooties, My little Raleigh man is becoming a Rolie Polie! At a few days shy of four months old - he is rolling everywhere. Today, I laid him in the floor on his gym and walked to the kitchen for just a second... when I came back, this is how I found him:

Well, I guess it's time to baby proof the house! It's about to get REAL fun around here!


Hyperactive Lu said...

I love that hair! And he is just too cute in that picture!

My youngest has hair similar to that and he just turned 11 mos... its so hard to tame!

The Tri Runner said...

I love the three pics. The look on his face in the bottom one is too funny.

Dana said...

Ah! I need some more kisses from him!