I can't believe it!

As soon as I can figure out how to hang the letters on the wall over his crib, I will be DONE in Raleigh's room! It feels so good to say that! Here are some pictures of the new nursery:

I got a huge package in the mail on Monday of this week - when I saw that it was from my Momma, I knew what it was. She has been working on my baby bedding for me -- I immediately opened it and started putting it all together. I LOVE it! She did a great job, it's even better than I imagined it would be:
After looking and looking (and looking some more) - I finally found a mobile that I liked from Pottery Barn. The trains are what I was looking for, and the light colors don't take too much away from the room. I was excited:
This is the outfit that our sweet little man will be coming home from the hospital in. After I got it, I just laid it in his crib - it won't be long until he is there in it's place:
Here are some cute little pillows that my Momma suprised me with:
Here is an upclose shot of the dustruffle:
Another suprise in the box was this blanket that my Momma made! I can't wait to wrap him up in it!:
Here is the chair that I painted and covered... I wish that I had taken a picture of the before. It wouldn't work at all - and I still don't think that it's perfect, but it is SO much better than it was!:
Here are the drapes:
Here is a lamp that I re-did:
George found these for Raleigh, he plans on painting them:
I had been looking for a security blanket for Raleigh for a while and everything that I found was just ridiculously expensive... so I got online and found this one. You can get one HERE:
Also, I saw some closet dividers at a little boutique here... but they were $35! I didn't really want to spend that, so I just made my own out of some paper plates that we had:
Here is an upclose shot of the letters above Raleigh's bed. I can't figure out how to hang them:
And here is the big picture (from the door):
(from the back corner):
(from the middle wall)
I still have to figure out those shelves and touch a few little things up, but for the most part - it is taken care of.

Now... we wait. Just over 6 weeks to go!

He'll be here before we know it.


Dana said...

Love it!! It looks great and I love it the most because it's got your personal unique touch. Great job by your mom too!

Kellie said...

Wow! Great job! I may be an artist, but I do not have your gift for interior decorating. Looks really cute, simple, and organized. Wanna do my boys room? Ocean/nautical theme? :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! I called Wyatt my little man; that made me cry... You did a GREAT job Jay!!

Whitney said...

It looks so good! I love the dresser with the hutch. Can't wait to see it in person this weekend! :)

The Tri Runner said...

Have I told you that you Rock?!? Love You!

Sandi Wakefield said...

I love Raleigh's room!!! Great job! You and your mom have some amazing talent!!! Can't wait to see him in the room...the PERFECT finishing touch!

Hyperactive Lu said...

What a beautiful baby boy's room! Such soft colors and I love LOVE LOVE the bedding!