Some Updates:

It's crazy to me that in less than 8 weeks, he'll be here. Time really has just flown by. According to this handy dandy picture up there, he's quite the little man.

A few weeks ago, I failed my gestational diabetes test. BUT - only by 1 point, so it wasn't that drastic. Other than that, there are no major concerns besides the fact that the doctor has been a bit concerned by my weight gain... or should I say, lack of weight gain. In my first trimester, I lost 16 pounds from being so sick (I lost 15 with SJ). After I started to feel better, I gained 18 pounds back (putting me at 2 pounds above my original weight). Then I lost 5 pounds for no apparent reason (putting me at 3 below my original weight). At my last visit I had gained 7 pounds, putting me at 4 above my original weight and the doctor was happy that I seem to not be losing anymore. When I called George to tell him that I had gained 7 pounds, he was so happy. That is something that doesn't happen everyday :) --and according to my charts, Raleigh is weighing in at 4 pounds right now, so that is where the 4 pounds is from, I guess. From this point on, with me making a serious effort to not lose any weight at all, I should gain about 1-2 pounds a week, hopefully. If that is the case, that would put me at a whopping 20 pounds (roughly) over my original weight. That doesn't seem too bad, does it?

I get pretty tired in the afternoons and I have a hard time getting comfortable when I try to lay down, but overall I think I am doing pretty good. My feet still seem to be their normal size and since all my rings still fit, I guess my fingers haven't swollen much. My nails and my hair have been growing like crazy - but I don't really mind that. My typically oily skin has been clear as can be since the very beginning. Raleigh typically likes to hang out in my rib cage, which sometimes makes it difficult to breathe - but that is probably my only real complaint. I really miss being able to take a full breath.

I scheduled an exact date for my Cesarean (YAY!). Raleigh will be making his grand debut on Tuesday, April 20th. I couldn't be more thrilled -- but there is still a lot that we have to do before he gets here!
I have been making some major progress, though. Since I last did an update on the plans for his room - alot has been done.
  • All of his furniture is now painted and done and in his room (FINALLY!)
  • I ordered his hardware for his dresser/chest today and it should be here within the week. How cute are these?! :
  • I couldn't decide on anything for the longest time, but I finally found some paper to decoupage his wall letters with. It's black with tiny white polka dots... and I even monogrammed a lamp for his shelves with coordinating acrylic letters. I'll post pics when I am done with the letters (that I haven't started on yet...)
  • Finally stumbled across some cute baskets for his changing table today at my favorite store... TJ Maxx. Black baskets are NOT easy to find.
  • I was looking for a 3'x5' white shag rug for a while and ended up finding a great deal on one... and by great deal, I mean $6!!! I was pretty excited about it.

    Also, in baby news --- I recently gave up my cushy job and became a stay at home Mommy. George and I talked it over and decided that was what would be best. I stayed home with SJ and I wouldn't trade that time with her for anything. SO, we pulled it together, paid off ALL of our bills (except our house) and made it happen. Plus, with what daycare costs and my job expenses we ended up saving alot of money in the end. SO, with the stress of my job gone and all this free time on my hands I have had plenty of time to try to get it together around here.

I recently cleaned out mine and Sarah Jane's closet and eliminated 8 garbage bags of clothes - between the two of us, we gave away 70+ pair of shoes. In doing this, I learned that we have WAY too much stuff. My goal for this new season in our lives is to cut back on things like that. Who knows how much money all that stuff was? It's pathetic, really. We prob. could have gone back to Disney World had we just never spent that money in the first place. ugh.

I guess that about covers our baby news. I am working on recovering a chair, refinishing a quilt rack, decoupaging some letters, finishing up a lampshade and painting a wall sign --- look for pics and another room update soon. We have several friends coming into town in 10 days for the Albany Marathon and my baby shower, so my goal is to be done with as much of it as I can by then. Hopefully not only will I be done with it, but I will get a post up by then too.

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Dana said...

Yay, things are moving right along.. So excited for you.. And yay for you for paying things off! So proud of you! I knew you could do it.

I love you!