Snickers Marathon 2010

Every year Albany hosts the Snickers Marathon... This was George's 3rd time running this race.
Here are some pics from the 2010 Marathon:

The cool thing about a race in your hometown is you know where you are... which turn to make, how the roads are, etc. In George's case - he runs right past his Momma's house at mile 15. We always try to make it here to cheer him on - Sarah Jane decorates the street with sidewalk chalk and we wait and wait...
Here is Sarah Jane when she first spotted George:
There he is! :
It was FREEZING when the race started, but after a while it started to warm up - so, George did a quick Wardrobe change in his momma's driveway and then he was on his way. Sarah Jane likes to run with him to the corner:
Meanwhile, back at the finish line... our friend Robby was finishing up his first 1/2 marathon!:
When we left George's mom's house, we went down to the river to wait for George to cross. While we waited, we took a few pictures with this guy:
George made it across the finish line... SJ just had to join him:
Here's the fam after the big event... it blows my mind that George is holding Sarah Jane and smiling after running 26.2 miles. - but, he's a trooper:
Here is a pic of George and Robby at the finish line:

We had a great morning at the Albany Marathon. Next year, Raleigh will be running around everywhere - not sure how that's going to go, but either way - we can't wait!


The Tri Runner said...

Thanks for taking such great pics and for cheering me on!

I can't wait to carry Raleigh across the finish line with me next year!

Whitney said...

Such a fun weekend, and I'm proud of the guys for their running accomplishments! Next time, let's go to the Seaside race! ;)

Jay said...

I am ALL in for that one - George's grandmother lives there...

Plus, you get Vera Bradley tote bags! Can't beat that! ;)

Dana said...

Yay! boys yay girls for sitting and cheering.. Yes, Jay, this is definitely one of the cheerleader toys.