Yes, I do consider these to be "blog worthy"

It's never been a secret that pregnant chicks have cravings. For me, there was no exception.

In the beginning... it's a little bit of what tipped me off to the fact that I was, in fact, preggers. Well, that and the fact that I couldn't hold ANYTHING down... but we won't go there.

It started with wanting shrimp. Lots and Lots and Lots of shrimp. It was good for me that red Lobster was doing their all you can eat any way you want it deal while I was in this craving - I distinctly remember my friend, Amy, going with me to lunch one day and sitting with me while I ate Shrimp Scampi until I was pretty sure that I couldn't move anymore.

After that... if was Turkey Sandwiches.... Just plain Turkey and Mayo on white bread. George would bring it home to me about 3 times a week. I couldn't get enough...

Then - Peach Ice Cream! Breyer's, to be exact. In fact, that one isn't completely gone... we have some in our freezer at this very moment.

Also ... Banana Pudding. I don't even like bananas. But, I guess kiddo does b/c I can TEAR UP some banana pudding.

Then there is always the old classic stereotypical Ice craving. But, I don't want just any ice. Only the ice from Zaxby's will do... Somehow, SJ has been craving it too. George now brings home 2 glasses everyday when he comes home. :)

And lately... but not lastly... THESE little beauties have occupied ALL my thoughts:
They are called... CAKE BALLS!

Last weekend, some friends of ours came to town to visit for my shower and the marathon... My friend Whitney is pretty much the bomb. dot. com. in the kitchen...

Last time we were at their house, she made me a FABULOUS Red Velvet Cake (from scratch... I didn't even know that people actually did that...). It was so good that George, who doesn't even eat sweets, ate several (and I mean several) pieces.

Well, this past weekend when they were here, she brought these little pieces of heaven with her. Between the 9 of us that were here, we devoured them in no time. Once they were gone, I was very very sad. SO, I hit Whitney up for the recipe and got started on some of my own last night.

Click HERE to find out how to make them... apparently they are all the rage! Who knew?

After you click on that link.. click HERE and tell Whitney how awesome she is for sharing this recipe with me, so that I could share it with you.

Pregnant or not, you WILL crave these things after you have them. I'm serious.


Whitney said...

Thank you! Now you can cake ball your heart out! I was thinking about fudge cake/fudge icing with a mint chocolate coating today. Oh, the possibilities! :)

Dana said...

so jealous I couldn't be there :(