8 months!

33 days to go:

So there we were...
SJ was at her first sleepover (which she made it through like a champ!) and George and I were doing a little shopping. Since the weather here goes from freezing to beach weather overnight... I needed to invest in a few more shirts to make it through the last month or so of this pregnancy considering that I only had one short sleeve shirt that I still fit into.

Since we don't have a plethora of shopping choices when it comes to maternity clothes, I just decided to head to Old Navy.

Although they did have my shirts... I wish that we had never went.

As we were standing there, getting our stuff scanned and pulling out the debit card so we could pay, The cashier just kept looking at me... I knew what was coming. I'm not a physchic or anything... I just tend to have a knack when it comes to spotting people that weren't raised right.

Here is how the conversation went:
Cashier: When are you due?
Me: 5 more weeks.
Cashier: (WIDE EYED) Oh, are you having twins?
Me: (not smiling) no. just one.
George: laughing almost uncontrollably
Cashier: well, you are close to your due date... that must be why you are so big.
Me: blank stare as I grab my things
George: shaking his head, trying to hide the laughter
Cashier: good luck

Seriously?! Seriously... what happened to "Thanks for shopping at Old Navy! Have a nice day!"

I've just never been one to make out of the way comments to prego people (ESPECIALLY if I didn't know them!)... so I just don't get the logic behind them.

Is it obvious that I am expecting? YES, duh! Is it anyone's obligation to point out the obvious?... um, NO. I just think that at some point in everyone's life people should be taught to keep their mouths shut on certain topics when in the presence of people that they don't know... pregnancies, politics, finances, etc. would fall into those categories.

Now, with that said... I can give you a prego update!

Raleigh will be making his big debut in less than 5 weeks. That is so weird to me! This pregnancy really has flown by - I can't wait to meet him.

We're starting to get things together for a hospital bag, just in case he decides he wants to make his debut before the doctors say it's time.

Going into this delivery, I am a lot more prepared than I was last time. I've got my pedi/mani scheduled for 2 days before and my back massage scheduled for the week before. I've ordered robes to wear so I don't have to wear those itchy-tie-around-the-neck-have-to-get-naked-just-breastfeed-your-kid robes that they give you at the hospital to wear. I've got the baby book ready for the nurses to put his little foot prints in... and I even have a photographer booked for the big day!

Last time I had the c-sec, I spent a little longer than I wanted to spend in the recovery room... so this time, I made sure to have that taken care of too! My sweet neighbor just happens to be the head nurse of recovery... and she is off that day, so she is coming in and I will be her only patient - which, if everything goes well, should cut my time in recovery down to less than 30 minutes! That's a heck of a lot better than a few hours like it was last time!

My mom will be here the day before the big day and will be here for a while afterwards to help get things all settled in. I can't tell you how excited I am that she will be here! George took the whole week off after Raleigh is here to make sure that everything goes well -- and SJ is pumped!

Everything is coming together... and now we're just waiting!

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Dana said...

Well, you know my response for comments like that. I wish I had been there. And for the record, you look beautiful. And though your belly is bigger (of course), you've lost weight everywhere else.

It's gone by fast to me too! It is kind of crazy to think ya'll be adding another addition to the family. Can't wait to meet him!

PS: I've got a video I have to post for you but Adam has to do the techno stuff. Chloe names all of her dolls Sarah Jane. And, to get Chloe to wear the clothes I want her to, all I have to do is tell her that Sarah Jane gave them to her :)