SJ's Mo-Mo

Thinking back through the years about my Janey Girl, this picture is one that will be forever carved into my memory. It was taken at her very first birthday party. We had just sat down to open presents... SJ had ripped the paper off of a silver cup, several books, a game, a new doll, and a few other things... and then we opened this little guy. He was from a friend from church that had a daughter about a year older than SJ. He didn't think that a stuffed animal cow was anything special... in fact, he had picked him up earlier in the day while he was at the grocery store when he remembered that he had a birthday party to go to that afternoon. But, from the moment that Sarah Jane laid eyes on this cow, it was love at first sight.:
She carried it around with her all day. She slept with him that night. He joined us in her highchair the next day for meals... I knew then that he was something special. Through the years, "Mo-Mo" has become a very important part of our family. He calmed Sarah Jane through night terrors, he made countless boo-boo's all better. He's helped her watch the scary parts of Snow White. He's even spent the night with GB while she had chemo treatments. He's a miracle worker, for sure.
Over time, his stuffing has all fallen into his feet and Sarah Jane has managed to rub and chew his little eyes, nose and horns down to almost nothing -- but for some reason, I don't think that he really minds.
Honestly, I don't know how we would have made it through the last 6 years without Mo-Mo.
I guess since everyone knows how much SJ loves this little guy, they want to make sure that Raleigh doesn't go without. Here are just a FEW cow things that we have accumulated so far.
This one is HUGE... He's as tall as SJ and about 12" wider!
and our little Raleigh-man will definitely be riding in style in this carseat from George's boss:
We also have a cow blanket and 2 more stuffed cows... Let's hope he likes them as much as SJ does!


Penny said...

That's so cute and funny about all the cow gifts. I just recently updated my blog about something simular. Alex I believe has chosen his favorite, Cookie Monster. I'm thinking I'm going to try and find a replacement just incase in the future we leave it somewhere or it gets ate by one of our dogs.

Whitney said...

Funny! I had a white bunny with a pink bow tie that went EVERYWHERE with me. I actually still have it at my parents house. It made the trip through the mail multiple times when I would forget it at hotels on family vacations and my parents would have to call in a panic to have the housekeepers make sure he was safe! :)