We have a celebrity crush?

Out of nowhere last night, Sarah Jane said to George...

SJ: Justin Russo is stronger than you.
George: WHAT?
SJ: Yeah, he is.
George: WHAT!?!
SJ: Yeah, I saw his arm humps and they're bigger than yours.
George: His arm humps???
SJ: Yeah, his muscles that make the humps on his arms. They're pretty big.
George: But I could still take him out.
SJ: Take him where?
George: I bet he has a glass jaw.
SJ: Huh?
George: I don't care how big his arm humps are, I bet he has a glass jaw and I can break it.
George: and I can run faster.
SJ: Yeah, you probably can run faster.
George: Probably?
SJ: His arm humps are still bigger. I mean, yours are big, but his are just bigger.
George: But I could still break his jaw.
SJ: (reassuringly) Don't worry Daddy, I'm still your little girl.
George: You'll ALWAYS be my little girl.

I was doing everything I could to not laugh out loud, but in my head I was thinking... MY 6 year old is checking out the "Humps" on this guy's arms?!? Nice, huh?

It's funny, to me the resemblance between him and George... except his face (and age, obviously), there's really not much of a difference in their build. I kinda think that George should take it as a compliment.

I haven't mentioned it again and I dont plan on mentioning it either... this is the first time that she has ever mentioned anything like this --- and I am really not ready for her to mention it again.

But I do agree, George probably could break his jaw, and he can definitely run faster.

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April Cluck said...

I needed that laugh today...Thanks!!