My New Pride and Joy

A few months ago, I told y'all about our trip to see Adam and Dana. And I am pretty sure that i told you that while we were there we did a lot of fun things... made alot of new memories... ate yummy food (homemade fried pickles!)... watched our beautiful little girls play together... had long talks... cried... laughed...the usual things that happen when we get together--- but something else happened too... something I probably didn't tell you about. You see, Dana and I share a common love for taking pictures. This love started about the time our babies were born... and it just escalated from there. Well, when we went to visit them a few months back... I developed this thing called lens envy. I'm serious. It was bad... I soooooooo coveted Dana's 85mm fixed. BUT, since we have a little one on the way and we don't just have big chunks of expendable cash just to use at our disposal, I had to shelf my wants for a later date and make due with my old faithful. bleh.

SO for the next few months, I kept my lens envy quiet. I casually checked prices on this website and that website... I checked around for used ones... but didn't make a move. I knew my time was coming.

See, at our house... everything happens at once. Let me break it down for you:

SJ's birthday: 12/17
Jesus' birthday: 12/25
George's birthday: 12/30
My birthday: 1/4
Our Anniversary: 1/10

SO... when George asked the ever-so-awaited question... you know the one, "Honey, what do you want for your Christma-birth-aversary?" .... I didn't have to hesitate like I normally do. I knew the answer. I was ready.
And he followed through!... and also got me an AWESOME pair of boots, and even remembered that I wanted THESE (yeah, I posted that almost a year ago... and he remembered)!

I've had so much fun playing around with my new pride and joy - and I am happy to say that I can now be around Dana without coveting.

Here is a pic that I did this afternoon of my sweet friend, Becki's new baby boy:

You can click HERE to see more from this shoot... and if you have facebook, click HERE to "Be My Fan" and follow along as I try to figure out this new lens of mine.


Dan said...

Nice, Jay. You're gonna love the 85...sounds like you already do! And it shows...

Whit and Rob said...

Great photo!! The link to your photography blog doesn't work, though. Too many http://'s, I think. Good thing I already know where to look! ;)

Jay said...

:( okay, I think that I fixed it. grrrrrrr, i hate screwing things like that up!

We're getting pumped about the trip!! We need to get a plan for our shopping!

Dana said...

Love it! That's awesome! It brings in so much more light!

Whitney said...

I know! I'm excited too! It's been so rainy and gross here lately, so I really hope it clears up. NOTHING about running across a bridge in the rain sounds fun to me. I also have this present for SJ...I mean, it's only been 9 months! haha! Hopefully she won't mind.