Why not?

Since we already decorated the outside of our house... we figured, why not do the inside too?
And that is exactly what we did!

Here is the Houston family Christmas Tree, 2009:
I had so much fun going through all of these ornaments with Sarah Jane --- each one is SO special to us. When Sarah Jane was done with them, I saved a few of her rattles and made ornaments out of them. I have the classic "Our first Christmas together" and "baby's first Christmas." We took trips down memory lane going through ornaments that we have picked up on different trips that we have been on. I'm also that Mom that saves the ornaments that Sarah Jane makes --- it was special to pull them out and find them a special place on our tree.

When baby bean comes along, we are going to have to get a bigger tree to put all the ornaments on it, because I know that I just can't part with any of these. And as you can see, we are out of ornament room!

SO, now that all of this is taken care of --- we can really get ready for the Holidays, the last holiday season we will have with our family of 3.

Sarah Jane's list is already growing... and Toys R Us has already started with the sales. We're ready to get this thing started!
Happy Holidays Everybody!!

and don't worry, I won't mail you any Christmas cards... at least until Thanksgiving.


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Beautiful. Maybe you should just do a second tree...