Frogs and Snails...

and Puppy Dog Tails, that's what little BOYS are made of. Well, maybe not --- but we are about to find out!

Yesterday morning I went in for my 4th appt. I was pretty excited because I had talked to the girl before hand and asked her if she thought we might could do a little sneak peek and see what the baby was before my actual 20 week sonogram. She told me that wouldn't be a problem as long as the ultrasound lady was free. When I walked in, they moved right on back to the ultrasound room (before my appointment) --- I was so excited!

I have said this whole time that this pregnancy has been SO different. With Sarah Jane, I was sick the entire 9 months... with this baby, I am not necessarily sick (I feel GREAT!) -- I just can't keep anything down. Also, I carried Sarah Jane relatively low... this child is in my ribcage and has been since he was big enough to be noticed.

The lady put the doo-dad on my tummy and IMMEDIATELY said, "Awww, it's a BOY!" --- I asked her how she knew so quickly.... her response was "How can you look at that and NOT know" --- now, let me show you what I saw... you can see for yourself:

LOL, see my point? I had no idea... Apparently this is the view from the baby's heiny (imagine him sitting on the camera, that is what you see here) ---I'm not being gross, that is what she told me. Now I TOTALLY see what she was talking about...

So there you have it --- the second picture of our little man.

When I left the Doctor, I immediately got in the car and headed to tell George the news.. his response: "I don't know how to play with Matchbox cars" :) Once it all set in, we are both VERY excited. Sarah Jane said ... "WE ARE HAVING A BOY!?!?!... but he is going to pick on me!" :) Once we explained to her that she will be the one doing the picking, she was fine with it and is super excited.

This afternoon, I am going to a baby shower for a friend of mine that has a baby boy due on Christmas day --- Sarah Jane told me I would need to take a pen and paper to take notes. HA!

I guess that it's that obvious that I don't know anything... ANYTHING... about little boys! Everything that I know is Sugar and Spice and everything nice. SO, I am open to all baby boy tips/suggestions/advice.


mrsfredknapp said...

Awww Congrats! I love Hope the U/S tech there. She was super sweet (is she still there or is she out on maternity leave?) Was SJ born in Albany? Have you seen all the Dr's yet?

Jay said...

:) Hey Stacey!

Yes, Hope is still there, and I love her too! She is sooo nice, and has the BEST hair. I'm always jealous of her hair... anyway...

Sarah Jane was born in Albany... on a cold rainy day in December via c-sec. from Dr. Harnetty.

I've used the same office as long as I have lived here, Dr. Harnetty was my favorite, but he moved and I still really like Dr. Smurda --- Since I am doing a c-sec again, I am only going to see him this time. He's my favorite, and we'll schedule it on a day that he will be working --- so I haven't seen them all... mostly just his nurse, Sandy, Hope and him.

Their office is GREAT -- I'm always in and out and they're SO nice up there. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Elodie said...

i don't know much about girls, but i do have two nieces. i think boys are easier, less fussy. put them in a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers and your out the door. my nieces are matched from head to toe. we have noticed the boys are "into" everything more than girls. you can't leave anything around you don't want destroyed when evan's around. last week he decided to climb up on the couch, reach across to the end table, grab my coffee cup and pour coffee all over my couch and floor! he is busy non-stop! boys keep you on your toes, girls keep you in debt!

Dana said...

I don't have much for you here except what I know from babysitting... When you change his diaper... Make sure you point it down :)

Congratulations!! So excited for you!