Countdown to Disney!

Every year we tend to "go all out" for SJ's birthday. Knowing what it is like to grow up with a birthday so close to Christmas, I have made it a point since she was born to make a distinct difference between her birthday and Christmas.

Through the years, we have done it all --

For her first birthday we had a Princess Party, complete with pink EVERYTHING.
For her second birthday we had a "T" party.
(But not your typical Tea party... Rather, the Letter "T" -- T is for Two. Guests brought their favorite teddy bear, wore their favorite T shirt, and munched on yummies that all started with the letter T!)
For her Third Birthday we had a party at LaLa's Bear Factory and it was a BLAST!
Her Fourth Birthday Party was an Island Princess swimming party at the YMCA in the middle of December.
and Sarah Jane's fifth birthday party was a COWGIRL party, complete with line dancing...

and This year... DISNEYWORLD!

I can't believe that I am planning a Birthday trip for my SIX year old. Now, don't read that wrong. I CAN believe that I am planning a trip for her, what I can't believe is that she is SIX.

It really does feel like she should still be 2... dancing around to Disney Princess songs and playing dress up. Instead, she's more into The Disney Channel and playing in Make-up.... I am excited about taking her to a place "where a kid can be a kid" --- even in Kindergarten, there is so much pressure for her to be more grown than she really is.

Now, Before you people get all judgy and think that I am an extremist... let me tell you that this will be the most inexpensive birthday celebration to date! Some good friends of ours that are in the military got us military friends and family passes in January that were good all year --- we only used 3 days on them when we went for the Disney Marathon, so there are 2 days left on them. Also, my sweet sister in law bought a vacation club package from the bank that she works for and she can't use it before it expires, so she is letting us use that for our hotel! So aside from gas/food --- we are ALL set!

Sarah Jane is so excited! We absolutely LOVE Disneyworld--- there really is NO place like it. I've never been at Christmas-time either, so I am pretty pumped about that.

We leave ONE MONTH from today! The count-down is ON!

I have no idea how we are going to top this next year... Paris? (kidding...)


Dan Denardo said...

Have a blast, Jay. We love Disney, too. Nothing I like better than being a big kid.

Has George ever considered the Disney Marathon? I'd like to do that one day (early January). Some friends of mine have done the "Goofy Challenge" - 1/2 marathon on Sat, then the Marathon on Sunday. Yikes.

Anyway, I hope you guys have the time of your lives.

Jay said...

Dan, George did the Disney Marathon this past January -- it was a BLAST. The weather was Great, it wasn't cold or hot, the sun was out -- but it was perfect. He ran through all four parks and got to meet alot of the characters (they were there cheering him along) --- He loved it. You should TOTALLY do it! We will definitely be there for him to do it again, not this year... but maybe in 2012! Here is the link to his race report from this year's race : http://thetrirunner.blogspot.com/2009/01/disney-2009-marathon-race-report.html

We have a friend that is doing the Goofy Challenge this year, I am eager to hear how he comes out. He's a marine... he can take anything!

Hope you are having a great time in Indonesia! I'm loving the pictures!

Dan Denardo said...

Ya know, I should have remembered that George ran it. Now it's coming back to me, Jay. Maybe I'll see you in 2012!

Michelle Yoder said...

Jay-you will LOVE Disney @ Christmas. We went this past January, right after Christmas, & they still had all the decorations & Christmas music! I was so happy!When we walked in the park and I saw Main Street with all the decorations - wow & then Cinderella's castle at night.... You and Sarah Jane will love it :)

Whit and Rob said...

Don't forget that SJ gets a free ticket to the park on her b-day! We're going the weekend before you guys for mine...I'll be 24 and I'm super excited. I can imagine she's elated!! =)

I think it's awesome that you make sure to differentiate between Christmas and her b-day. As a December baby myself, I totally understand. I'm also jealous that she had a pool party...I ALWAYS wanted that! BTW, don't forget to take her to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique while you're there!