15 weeks

15 weeks doesn't seem like very long... but my tummy sure has been growing!
Maternity clothes are a MUST as of lately... which is sad b/c my jeans will no longer button.

I'm coming to grips with the idea of a new little one running around here. I've been going through Sarah Jane's old albums and looking at her pictures, I miss those special little baby moments wth her and I'm really looking forward to the ones that are on the way.

As for baby equipment progress, we've slowly been accumulating things. George suprised me the other day with a carseat that I have been eyeing -- I was SUPER excited!
Here it is: (ours is grey, not black, but I can't find a picture of it)

In a month, we can find out what the baby is... when that happens, I will be SO ready to get this ball rolling. I have names, I have nursery ideas, I have it all figured out --- but I can't do anything until I know. I need to SHOP! I need to Prepare! Patience is not something that I possess, obviously.


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