Yes, this is our Home.
Yes, it is November 4th.
Yes, the very next post on my blog is about Halloween.
Yes, I know that was last week.
Yes, I am married to a grown up 10 year old.
Yes, I love it.

George came home yesterday and said... I think that I am going to hang Christmas lights on our house this year. We NEVER do things like that --- I am usually in the yard sometime around Thanksgiving hanging wreaths on the windows and a bow on the mailbox and calling our yard decorated. Well... this year, that apparently wasn't enough --- and I was SO excited!

SO... while he had the wild hair, I went with it. We went to town, got the goods... and George went to work. He Climbed up the ladder, and WITHOUT FALLING, hung all of those lights!! I was very impressed... considering the fact that he is, well, not typically a handy-man.

We had the best time hanging out in the yard while SJ and her friend from next door played hide and go seek with flashlights. We had several people honk their horns, several people slow down to see what was going on, and even one person to turn around and drive back by!

We are in the Christmas spirit around here...

Now, I guess I need to get to work on some Christmas Cards!

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