I know that this is a little late, but I still wanted to share!
This year we celebrated the 4th of July twice! First, at the Marine Base's celebration and again down at the beach at George's Dad's house. Both places, we had such a blast!
Here is SJ at the Marine Base, she thought it was so cool that she could get inside this Hummer!
Everyone was there, even Miss Georgia... and we got her autograph!
Here is a pic of George and I!
Sarah Jane loves to go to the Marine Base celebration because they always have a dozen or so of these babies, she loves them!

This is what it was all about right here:
The Marine Core Band puts on a GREAT show!
Here are a few of the fireworks, I LOVE the smiley face!

When we do make it down to the beach, the kiddos LOVE to ride on Grandaddy's boats. Here is a pic of them on "Freedom"
Here is a pic of Grandaddy on his newest baby, Magic.
On the actual day of July 4th, we went to the Seaside Ampitheatre and watched the BEST fireworks show I have ever seen. That is saying alot, since I have been to DisneyWorld. This show is one that I will not miss from now on, it was Spectacular.
Hubby and I waiting for the Big show:
Not sure what we were laughing at...
Sarah Jane wanted to make sure that we got a picture of her outfit, since she put it together herself. :)
After the weekend was over, we met George's bro and his wife at the Hard Rock in Destin for lunch before doing a little shopping...
We had a great Week / Weekend, I hope that everyone else did too!

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