First December Post

We're BACK! :) We had a great time... I have so many pictures and videos and so much to say... but later. I don't have time to upload all of that right now. In the meantime.. in keeping with the Christmas Spirit, here's a fun little game of Christmas TAG!

Christmas Gifts:

How much money do you spend on Christmas gifts for family members?
For us ... it varies. Probably way too much. But, I am a gift-giver, I don't like to do little things. Go big or go home, right? :)

What is the best Christmas gift you have ever received?
Last year I got a an afghan from my mom that I LOVE. She made it, every time I use it I think about how much time she put into it. It's very very special to me.

Prefer to open gifts on Christmas Eve or Day?
This is an issue in our house. George's family opened presents on Christmas Eve... WHO DOES THAT??? --- I am a Christmas Morning kind of person. and only a Christmas morning kind of person. However, sometimes George talks me into opening one on Christmas. But only one.

Does December 25 feel too short or too long usually?
Oh, it is always way too short. I wish it lasted 2 days.

Prefer expensive gifts or gifts from the heart regardless of price?
I love gifts from the heart...They just mean more.

How many gifts do you think you will get this year?
Who knows... I can't even come up with a list.

Christmas Tree:

Are artificial trees or real trees better?
I like artficial trees... they are so low maintenance. No getting down on all fours, shifting the presents just to water the thing... no pine needles in the carpet, no stinky rotten wood. Just put it together and go.

Decorate the Xmas tree with popcorn strings?
No, but I have always thought that would be fun. Sarah Jane will be old enough in a few years for that. We'll probably do it.

Put up the Xmas tree the day after Thanksgiving?
I always did when I was growing up, but not since I have been out on my own. It usually goes up a week or so before. The year that I was prego it went up the first week of November... what can I say, I was nesting.

Should a Xmas tree be shorter or taller 5 feet?

What color of lights look best on trees?


What does your stocking look like?
Mine is red, George's is Green and Sarah Jane's is white... they all match, just different colors.

Should stockings be hung on the fireplace mantle?
If you have a fireplace.

Does your dog have its own stocking?
I don't have a dog... but if I did, they wouldn't have a stocking.

Have you ever used a real sock for a stocking?
No, not that I know of.

Prefer fruit or nuts in your stocking?
I have never gotten either in my stocking..

Do you buy stuff to put in your family's stockings?
No! Santa Does. ;)

What's the weirdest thing you ever got in a stocking?
well, my stocking was always pretty standard...you know, a doll-lifesavers-makeup-lotions, etc... George always got ketchup in his stocking from santa... I'm not kidding.


How many parties do you usually go to during the holidays?
Hmm... This year, 3

Have you ever spiked the eggnog at a party?

Better to play holiday music or pop music at a holiday party?
What else would you play??

Rather go to an office holiday party or the dentist?

Ever gone to a party dressed up as Santa Claus?
No, can't say that I have.

The worst party ever attended was....?
The church Christmas party the first year that George and I were married.


Put lights up on the house or not?
No, but I do hang up a wreath on the front and back door... I have done lights before. They are a pain to take down. I am sure when Sarah Jane gets older they will go back up.

Prefer icicle lights or traditional lights?
Traditional. WHITE.

Outline the roof with lights or cover the bushes with lights?
If I did it... I would do it BIG.

Prefer decorating with all white lights or colored lights?
WHITE. --- or one color colored lights, like all green, or all blue, or all red... etc.

Ever plugged more than 3 strings of lights in one socket?
I don't know, I don't keep up with that.


Rather spend the holidays with family or friends?
MY FAMILY, definitely.. Not that I dont love my friends.

The holidays with family is more memorable or more forgettable?
Memorable , undoubtedly.

Are there certain family members you only ever see during the holidays?
Yes, and I can't wait!

How much money do you usually spend on a present for dad?

Are there any family members that you miss during the holidays?
yeah, always.

I tag Tammy, Dana, and Susan. (You don't have to do it... I just had to tag people :))

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