eclecticity ... I think that's a word. Well... it is now.

44 more days to go until our Disney Vacation!
I am so excited!!!! I absolutely cannot wait.

ALSO (drumroll please........)
The production of the movie NEW MOON was Green-Lighted due to the overwhelming response to TWILIGHT. ---That means that yes, there will be 4 movies. Fabulous.

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And Last... but most certainly not least, I am super-duper pumped about spending Thanksgiving with my family in Tennessee. 2 of my brothers won't be able to make it (boo!) --- But everyone else, and their kiddos will be there. We are sure to have a blast. On top of all of the great hang out time, my brother-n-law has a show on Saturday... so that is going to pretty much rock.
And not only is my mom super talented when it comes to being a seamstress/quilter/knitter... she is also the BOMB in the kitchen, so I am very excited about some of my mom's home-cookin. My momma's cooking will make you want to slap your momma. seriously.
Oh, and did I mention that my sisters and my mom and I will be up entirely too early early on Black Friday for all the deals. Call me crazy... but I love it!
Happy Thanksgiving EVERYBODY!

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Tony and Susan said...

hope you had fun! happy thanksgiving!