A few things that make me smile..

front porch swings

elderly people that dance

phonecalls from family

sarah jane's laugh

rocking chairs

loving text messages

right hand rings

summer dresses

john mayer

the way sarah jane crosses her toes

black and white pictures

girls that sit in the middle of their boyfriend's truck

a good drum beat

the taste of honeysuckle

airport road


uncaged birds

my left hand

good quotes

birthday cake

tiny new pink babies


a new swimsuit



fork bracelets

freshly shaved legs

a clean car

fresh sheets

bubble baths

money in the bank

sarah groves music

cosmopolitan magazine, it's not the devil

strawberry daiquiris

mom's chocolate turnovers

losing weight

finding a new letter

"Yellow Red Road"

new shoes

anything green

road trips with girlfriends

nice dinners

fresh cut grass

men with suspenders

painted furniture


becoming jane, it's a movie

dana moving back

sarah jane's obsession with princesses and barbies

mocdonald's french fries

i don't color my hair

no dishes in the sink

picket fences


the look on the groom's face

i love you all the way up to heaven and back again


jason castro

chosen family

the new car smell

penny loafers

old people holding hands

polka dots

the crunk crew of 2002

butter pecan ice cream

falling asleep in the car

the perfect shot

high school football

old furniture with a story


vintage clothes

sand in my toes, not in my swimsuit

little girls with bows

flip flops


the colors of the sunset

mr. potato head

funny keychains

second chances

trips to the zoo

victoria's secret lotion

lee's butterfinger cake

long walks, not intended for exercise

riding fourwheelers

sorensen extravaganzas

the smell of honey almond anything

camp wiregrass, how it used to be


my nephew, dale

holding sarah jane's hand in the parking lot

1 comment:

Dana said...

Awe, I feel special. Lots of that stuff makes me smile too. Especially the part about me moving back! I can't believe that I haven't seen you in three years!

I love you!