9 month pictures

My little guy at (barely) 9 months old... These pics were taken on the eve of his 10 month birthday, so technically he was still 9 months old, right?

 Raleigh is ALMOST walking... he stands alone for as long as he wants, but then he sits down before he takes off. I should be really excited, but I kinda don't want these last few baby days to be over. I'm tempted to pick him up every time he tries to stand. :)
 He is STILL not sleeping through the night, or napping, but that will come with time -- and I don't know any 17 year olds that don't sleep through the night... besides, he doesn't have a grumpy disposition (ever!) so I'm not too concerned with it. Although, I would really like a full night of sleep. People told me that SJ wasn't normal for sleeping through the night in her first month of life... I thought they were crazy, but they were right.
 He's SUCH a loving, fun child to be around. He loves to play games like patty cake, or peek a boo. He likes for you to crawl on the floor beside him and mock him.. he also likes for you to pretend to take his passy and try to put it in your mouth... and he thinks that burping is absolutely the funniest thing in world. Needless to say, he is all boy!
 His favorite songs are "If You're Happy and You Know It", "The Wheels on the Bus", and "One Little Duck"  --- and he also loves to "ride a little horsey down to town"
 He's a whopping 25 pounds and is wearing 18 months clothes. He's in the 95+ percentile on both height and weight --- and he is the most inquisitive little guy on the planet!

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Patricia said...

Jay, your words are so sweet and the pictures are all so precious. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your babies with us all. Love you!