4th of July 2010

We spent our 4th of July weekend down at George's Dad's house close to Seaside - we love to go to the fireworks there every year.

I couldn't wait to post this video of SJ. She makes up songs in the backseat all the time. She just looks out the window, goes somewhere else in her mind, and sings at the top of her lungs --- I had to video this over my shoulder so she wouldn't see me and I came in at the very end of her VERY LONG SONG and I am pretty sure that she would be mad if she knew this was on here because she begged me to delete it BUT it's so funny and cute to me (and yes, I know that was a run-on sentence...).

So, without further delay, Here she is singing a Sarah Jane original called "You are the Butterfly":

And just to show you that she is not a complete looney tune, Here she is singing her favorite "Taylor Swiph" song this week (it changes week to week):

and while I'm posting videos, let me show you this video of the fireworks finale on Seaside - It is AMAZING:

We spent the weekend hanging out on the beach, the kids rode some of Grandaddy's boats, we ate the best tacos ever at Bud and Ally's Taco Bar while we shopped til we dropped, grilled out with some neighbors and watched the fireworks go off over an Oil Free Beach - it was definitely a fun weekend. In the hustle and bustle of it all, I didn't forget what the celebration was for - and all the sacrifices that were made. God has truly blessed America, in so many ways, and we are all so lucky to be a part of this nation.

could be the last time we'll see an oil free beach on the gulf for a while:
My boys:
My sweet "baby" girl:


Dana said...

She's not bad! Great Fireworks. Love the pics.. Great Post. I give it a 10!

Whitney said...

First of all, I love that last pic of SJ. She is really turning into a little lady.

Her and Robby should be BFF, because he totally does the same singing thing all of the time. He'll have to finally figure out that Taylor Swift song so they can make a music video together. ;) So glad y'all had a great time at the beach. Are those the Bailey Boys outfits?

Jay said...

:) thanks y'all!

Whitney - you should have heard the whole song, it was hillarious!

and YEP! Those are the ones that we got while we were with y'all :)

Ron said...

I love the picture of your daughter on the bridge.