One Month!

Here is my Raleigh-man at one month old.
This month has FLOWN by! Things were crazy around here for the last few weeks of school. Hopefully, now that Summertime is here, we can slow down and take it in more.
Here is a little bit about my little man's first month:
  • He weighed 8.14 when he was born. In his first week, he lost a pound. By the next week he had gained that pound back, plus 6 more ounces... and he now weighs 10.2.
  • He LOVES his pacifier. But not any pacifier... only THIS one. I tried to buy several to find one he would like, naturally he picks the most expensive one.
  • We had lots of help with meals from Nana in his first week and lots of help with meals from our church in the 2nd week. We also got to visit with Memaw during his third week and we were so sad to see her go.
  • During the first 2 weeks, he slept ALOT - but the old her gets, the more he is awake. I love to see his big blue eyes!
  • Like clockwork, he eats every three hours... and that isn't b/c he is on any mommy-enforced schedule. He just gets hungry about every 3 hours.
  • Speaking of eating, he nurses like a CHAMP. With Sarah Jane, nursing was so hard on me (complete with blisters, blood, the whole thing..). With Raleigh, I never flinched - he latched right on, I never blistered, and we have been Pain-free!! I didn't even know that was possible.
  • Sleeping at night has been somewhat of a challenge for us because Sarah Jane was such a good sleeper. Raleigh is not a BAD sleeper, he just doesn't sleep as much as Sarah Jane did. To date, our longest night sleep streak was 5 hours. We'll get there.
  • At one month, he outgrew all of his newborn size clothes, but most of his 0-3 mo. stuff is still way too big.
  • He likes to sleep on his boppy in between George and I. I know that most people say that's terrible - but I like him there and it works for us. When he wakes in the night, he likes to hold George's hand to get back to sleep.
  • He loves to be covered with a blanket, but he kicks out of swaddles, just like Sarah Jane did - no matter how tight you get it.
  • He hasn't lost ANY of his hair.
  • His feet are the same size as our friend, Beckett's, who is 3 months older than him.
  • He likes to be wrapped up in a blanket and rocked in the rocking chair.
  • In the car, he is great!
  • We took him on a trip to Alabama to go to a wedding and visit some friends and he did wonderful on the car-ride over.

I think that about covers it... at this age, there's just not much going on yet besides lots of sweet baby sounds and smells.

I can't wait for month 2 with Raleigh - at the beginning of month 2, he has already started smiling intentionally and has gotten a lot better control of his little hands. I love the age when they start interacting.

Here's Raleigh's Birth Announcement:

Hope everyone is doing well!


Whitney said...

You forgot to add the thing about the awesome noise he makes to alert mommy of....well, you know! :) He's so sweet! I hope the sleeping gets better soon.

Marcus Malta said...


The Mom-tage said...

Ah, can't wait to meet him. And at least you had the bad nurser first. Chloe was my vampire. That was a shock after having it go so smoothly the first time.

He's adorable. Can you remind me of the weekend that ya'll will be here in Sept.?

PS: I just saw that I'm signed in as The Momtage. But it's me..Dana