As Kindergarten Comes to an End...

9 months ago, I walked my sweet baby girl down a long yellow hallway and Today she came back to me 7 inches taller, with a few less teeth, able to read, with a mind of her own, dreams about what-she'll-be-when, and all signs of baby... GONE.

I don't want to be "that" Mom that says I can't believe that she is so big. I can't believe that she is done with Kindergarten. I can't believe that she is this grown. But She IS, and I Can't! Where does the time go??

In the last year, I have watched my little girl grow SO much. All signs of my tiny little baby are long, long gone... and yes, there is definitely immense sadness that comes along with that knowledge. BUT there is joy too- because there are so many signs of the wonderful young lady that she is becoming, and I can't wait to be there for every minute of it.

When she came into my life 6 very short, wonderful, years ago, I never could have imagined the joy that she would bring with her. Everyday, she makes my heart smile in a way that no one ever has... or ever will.

In Kindergarten we had some really good times... her making my Sweet Mother's Day yellow handmade clay pot that I will keep FOREVER, her School Program where she had the opening lines, when I hosted her school Halloween Party - and the BIG hugs that came with it, listening to her sing "O, I love America... I do, I do" ♫, and my most recent favorite... While coloring with her Daddy she wrote a big "B" on his paper as his grade... when he looked disappointed, she told him that The "B" was for the BEST. :)

She's learned her ABC's and 123's, some valuable lessons on friendship, and a lot about life - and taught me so much in the process.

It's been hard to cut those apron strings and watch her grow this year. Nothing makes you want to slap a 5 year old kid until there is a bully in your baby's class --- and nothing humbles you like watching your baby write that bully a letter b/c she says "She is just a bully because she thinks no one will be her friend. But I want her to know that I will."

Sometimes, she has a tendancy to get on her friends nerves a tiny bit with how many hugs she gives... and even kisses (gasp!) - and while I don't fully understand that part of her, b/c I'm not very touchy --- it's a part of her I hope she never loses. Maybe the hugging and kissing could decrease a little, but not at the risk of losing the way she loves. She loves so completely, so fully, without fear or judgement... unconditionally. It's my favorite thing about her. My prayer is for her to never lose that ability... regardless of what life throws her way.

Daily, she makes me proud to be her Mother. It's a job that I am terribly unqualified for, and so incredibly blessed to have.

I'm proud of you, Sarah Jane... proud of your accomplishments this year and proud of who you are becoming. I hope you always dream big and wish for the stars - You're so beautiful, inside and out. I love you, that's the first thing you know. :)


Whitney said...

I can't believe it's been a whole school year already! It really does seem like yesterday when you posted that picture of her and Mo-Mo sleeping the night before k-5 started. She's growing up fast!

OurFirstMcBride said...

First blog comment ever, but I think you should know. I tear up ever time I read your posts about Sarah Jane. It makes me excited to have a little girl of my own!