If you don't know Jack..

If you don't know Jack, then let me introduce you. Jack is the newest addition to the Houston family.... he's a 3 week old Black Bear Hamster.

Sarah Jane has been saving every penny that she could get her hands on for months now. She's managed to pull together quite a bit. But, she is like her Daddy... she will NOT spend it. She kept looking and thinking and wishing and hoping, but couldn't find anything that she really had to have - until last Monday.

On our trip to the pet store, Sarah Jane decided that she wanted a hamster. She HAD to have it. When she volunteered her own money to pay for it, I knew that she was serious.

So, I did what any good Mom would do... I told her to ask her Dad! :) Well, George and Sarah Jane went back to the mall to check it out and look things over and after a lot of thought, George told Sarah Jane that he really thought that she should wait. We have 4 new baby kittens and he wanted us to find a home for them before we added any newbies to the crew. < /div>
Sarah Jane seemed to be okay with that, and after a few tears... we went to get some ice cream and all was well.

Well, everyday since then Sarah Jane has mentioned the hamster. She wants to go visit him. She worried about it sleeping at the mall. She was definitely smitten with the little guy.

SO... today, while Sarah Jane was at school - George and I decided to bite the bullet and go get him. When she got home from school, he was here waiting on her.

I told her to sit down on the couch and George while George brought him in:

She TOTALLY wasn't expecting it:

She was SO excited. This little grin right here is the best thing in the WORLD:

She was trying to make him come out:

She kept saying "Thank you, Daddy! Thank You, Daddy!" ....what am I, chopped liver?:

...and here he is... JACK!

...and if you are counting, that brings our total pet count to 8!


Whitney said...

Cute!! We had one when I was younger. Just wait until he figures out how to open the cage and you find him chilling behind the washing machine one day! haha!

Thad said...

That looks way smaller than I remember hamsters being ... but he sure is cute! The 8 pets, you can do it ... we had 11 puppies and the 70lbs mom and daddy doggies plus a 6 mo old ... never again.

Thad said...

ok that was from me, not Thad, not sure why it did that ... Steph=)

Holly said...

Your little girl is too cute. Good luck with the hamster. Our crew has mentioned one, because a friend got one, but I keep pushing the zuzu pet idea instead. At least then I could turn it off!