39 down, one to go!

Here I am at 39 weeks!
That sounds so crazy to me. I can't believe that he will be here in a WEEK!
I'm a whirl-wind of emotions.

scared of the surgery
hoping he is healthy
trying to take in this last little bit with just my Janey Girl
nervous about coming home
wanting Sarah Jane to get excited
hoping I have everything ready
wanting it all to be just right
hoping he will nurse
hoping I can tolerate him nursing (just being honest...)
needing Sarah Jane to feel loved no less than she is
wondering if my shoes will fit afterwards
hoping for good pictures
excited about getting to see him, finally
nervous about the spinal tap
Did I say scared of the surgery?
Hoping I will love him like I love my SJ
praying that the doctor that I want will be there
hoping his coming home outfit will fit
and on ...and on... and on... and on.... and on

George keeps telling me to relax, but I am honestly more nervous than I have ever been in my life. I need prayers for my sanity. I'm serious.


Dan said...

Hang in there, kiddo. Sayin' a little prayer for you and yours...


The Tri Runner said...

I love you! That's the first thing you know.

Dana said...

I don't know if I've said this to you already but, just in case, so you won't be surprised. You WON'T love him like you do SJ. As much but not like it. I remember hoping that Chloe would be just like Emma because that was the only way I could imagine loving her as much. Now, I'm so thankful for their differences.

I love you!

Holly said...

I agree with Dana... it's incredible how much your heart can love. And for all different reasons. Plus, a little boy just has a way of completely and totally melting a momma's heart. Hang in there!

Hyperactive Lu said...

I agree with Dana. Bubbie was 3 yrs old before Peanut came along and I just knew I couldn't think anything was a cute or as special as Bubbie was, but I have found that you love your children differently- at the places that they are at. Bubbie is my talker and thinker. He is so smart and so much fun to do and go with him. Peanut is just darn cute, but into everything and a stinker, but cuddly. Bean is just adorable and everyone loves him. Oh and btw, is this your first c-section? If so, I am a PRO at c-sections! I've had 3! :) If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I can put your mind at ease! If this is your second c-section- everyone says the 2nd one is MUCH MUCH better than your first!! :) Hang in there and in a week you will be basking in baby heaven on earth! :) Your heart will feel like its gonna explode and all those other worries will fly away!