Just a little FYI

*if you are a guy, you probably don't want to read this - catch me on the next one*

Just in case you ever wondered, it IS possible to split a stretch mark.
Here's how it happened to me.

A friend and I had taken a little trip to Americus to my favorite little monogram shop... after we dropped off our stuff, we decided to grab a little lunch. I was just finishing up my Honey Pecan Chicken Salad plate and Raleigh was starting to get pretty active - not that there is ever a time when he isn't... when all of a sudden, I felt a HUGE kick/punch/head-bunt or SOMETHING to the lower part of my abdomen. My eyes teared up, I had to catch my breath... and I made a beeline to the restroom because I just felt like something wasn't right.

Well, when I got to the restroom I stood there for a minute still trying to catch my breath and I noticed that I was still in some really bad pain in the spot where he had kicked me... so I just put my hand right there to see if I could take some pressure off of it. Much to my suprise, when I put my hand there it stung really bad! So I pulled my hand away only to find it bloody.

The skin that goes across where I had my c-section with Sarah Jane has very little, if any, give in it at all and I have developed some pretty disgusting stretch marks that go right through my scar. To give you a verbal visual - they're about an inch wide and 2 inches tall and they are purple. Yeah, nice - huh? The one on the far right is the one that Raleigh decided to kick open.

Thanks kid.

It took me a while to stop the bleeding, but I did and then I walked back out. I couldn't actually see the sore b/c it is on the under side of my stomach so, when we got to the car, I showed my friend what happened. She confirmed what I had suspected. After talking to her, we agreed that we just didn't think that it was normal for things like that to happen. So I called my doctor's office...

I got a nurse on the phone... and she informed me that things like that happen all the time and I just should put a bandage on it. I have to admit that I was shocked to hear that things like that happen all the time b/c I have never heard of it... but I thanked her, opologized for being a paranoid freak, and put a bandage on it when he got home.

Well, throughout the rest of the day - it bled on and off, oozed some clear liquid junk gross mess, and still really stung. It's in an awful place for a sore because no matter which way I lay, or sit, or turn, there is pressure on it making it impossible to seal. I know... waah, waah, waah, cry me a river, right? - but it really sucks!

If this pregnancy has been any indication to me of what this little guy is going to be like when he gets here, I am pretty sure that I am going to have my hands full!

After being uncomfortable all day and not being able to get the oozing under control, I called the on-call doctor - and got to speak with the midwife. She said that it wasn't impossible for babies to kick stretch marks open, but it certainly wasn't a normal thing and she wanted me to come in first thing the next morning. I left the doctor's office that morning with 3 sutures and a sealer over them --it has been fine, not comfortable, but fine, ever since. This baby better be some kind of football/soccer/karate whiz or I am going to be really shocked.


Hyperactive Lu said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't know that could happen! After 3 c-sections, I'm kinda scared now!!! Gosh golly! Glad everything is OK.

*Live* {Laugh} >Love< said...

its so weird to read your blog sometimes(like you being in americus today) and realize that you're only an hour away and that i'd love you to do family photos and it might actually could happen lol

Elodie said...

that's crazy! i've got some really wide stretch marks on my side where the skin is so thin i always feel like it could rip open. i guess i'll have to keep and eye on them if i'm ever pregnant again!

Dana said...

I know I've told you this before. But, when you were a teenager, you would tell these bizarre stories about your life. I would think to myself, "this kid is the worst liar I've ever seen. Surely she doesn't think I'm stupid enough to buy this". Then I would learn that I was stupid for not buying it because each and every story was true. For most people, I would say that this isn't normal. For you I would say, "yep, that sounds like Jay".

Stephanie said...

Wow, I have never heard that either ... and if I were you I would tell that nurse you called the first time to be a better nurse next time.

Jay, don't ever feel like a paranoid freak especially when it comes to you and yours baby's well being ... I personally would've driven myself right on over to the dr office and bled all over the front desk while they got my doctor, forget the phone call and transfering me to a "nurse" =)~

Glad everything is ok now, I hope it feels better. You will be in my thoughts and prayers during this next week or two=)