A Useless Conglomeration of Thoughts and What-not

So I know that I can be pretty random at times. At least I admit it.

I've been so far behind on this blogging stuff... but, I'll spare you the boring details that everyone dishes out about how I am just now getting into the swing of things with this Kindy business... and just say this: My Mom has never gotten enough credit! So here is some credit for you, Momma....

Way to go MOM! Kudos to you! You Rock! You're a saint!

How she managed to get me up, ready, and prepared for school everyday for all those years will now and forever blow my mind. I was a brat, much like someone else I know. But we won't go there --- I would never call my sweet, precious, little angel girl that NEVER wakes up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning and NEVER throws screaming fits over the smallest little thing a name like that. Who me? No, I would Never. Well, at least not to her face anyway.

Anyway... moving on.

What to say?

I guess the idea of this baby is really sinking in! We went to the Doctor this week and got an ultrasound and an estimated time of arrival. Houston baby #2 will be making it's grand entrance via c-section in Mid April... I am thinking on or around the 17th. Which is great b/c it's after tax season, so the stress from that mess should be gone! When it gets closer to time, they will schedule a final date. I'm going back to the same practice that I went to last time, so I am pretty comfy with all the doctors and nurses that are there. PLUS, c-section style I get to pick my physician... which, well, pretty much rocks. (and I know that there are plenty of people that are opposed to c-secs, I am not one of them... nor will I become one. So, to save us both some time, you don't have to write me an essay on why opting to have a c-section is either a) selfish and lazy or b)dangerous and unnecessary. I'll still be your friend even if we disagree on that, I promise! Plus, I had an a C with SJ and well, I can pretty much guarantee you that she is as healthy as can be!) We went through the whole pregnancy spill about "watch your sodium intake, try to gain as little as possible, eats lots of fruits and veggies... yadda yadda" I'M HAVING A BABY! That is all I was thinking in my head. We're so excited!

Here is Baby's First picture!

Sarah Jane said... "Why is it black?" I said... "Well, it's dark in my tummy"... she said, "Well, I guess that is good then, that way when the baby gets here it won't be afraid of the dark." :) I just thought that was cute.

I took a trip to my Mom's last weekend (so much fun, btw!). We woke up early Saturday morning and went to yard sales around her neighborhood... I found tons of Great stuff. New dishes, a precious copper pumpkin, the motherload of Polly Pocket stuff for SJ, a cool outfit for my Mom, and a baby bed! Yep... you read that right. I HAVE A BABY BED!

Except, it didn't actually come from a yard sale. well... it kind of did.

LAST time I was up at my Mom's we went YS'ing too. We found this awesome house that had tons of baby stuff. I actually bought a very stinkin' cool double stroller for my sister-in-love (that is due to have her 4th in the next month or so!)... but they also had a gorgeous baby bed. It was a great deal, so great of a deal... that my Mom and I actually considered buying it and saving it for when and if the day actually came that we might have another baby... but we left it there, and then talked about it all day! So this time, I was back up there... and just on a whim I decided to ride by the house that had the crib at the yard sale a few months ago and see if it had sold. So, I went up to the stranger's door... and knocked... and THEY STILL HAD IT! I was PUMPED! I like to think of it as fate.

Here is a pic that I found online:

Would you believe that we already have it set up? yeah... that is how excited we are!

We'd also like to have some names picked out... and we are drawing blanks here. We can't agree on anything, so... if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

enough baby talk...

NOW... on a TOTALLY different subject. I am thrilled about some news that I heard today. It's no secret that I like American Idol. In fact, once it gets past the hogwash... I rarely miss an episode. I have to tell you that I am not going to miss Paula that much... and I can't wait to watch it this year especially since ELLEN!!!! is the new 4th judge on Idol!!

See, I told you I was random.


Stephanie said...

How funny, love the crib! We bought bold black letter for her name at Kohls to go above the crib, it proably would look better with a shorter name:)
Names ... hm, here are some recent names I've heard: Kingsley, Gracelyn, Olivia, Corbin ... Hm, I thought there was more:(

Jay said...

I like Corbin! alot.

I will for sure run that one by George. We were like this with SJ too... I still don't even remember exactly how we picked her name. I think that we just had a few lists and went from there.

This child can be called #2. No, that probably wouldn't go over very well.

I never think about Kohl's! Def. stopping in there soon.

Whitney & Robby said...

The crib is beautiful! I am so excited for you guys! It's too funny that my flower girl and ring bearer's parents both found out they were pregnant a few months after our wedding! =) Love was in the air. Haha!

Jay said...

Aw! Tell them I said Congrats!

hmmm.... how long have you been married? LOL

Dana said...

Love your random thoughts and your bravery for going and knocking on the people's door! Please move here. I need an assertive friend to protect me :). And I love babies but hate being pregnant so I just can't have another of my own so it would just work out perfectly.

love you