...or sister? OR BOTH? Who knows at this point, but we definitely have a new one on the way. We're very excited, nervous, anxious and so much more all at the same time!

I am thinking that Houston baby #2 will be making it's grand debut around the end of March, but we will find out for sure on September 8th. Sarah Jane is thrilled! --- as you probably could have guessed.

Me? Well... I am VERY happy. But I am also a whirl-wind of emotions right now. Here are some random just-found-out-I-am-pregnant things that are rooling around in my head:

- We gave away ALL of our baby stuff except our high-chair. That's right, ALL of it. Like I have said before, for a while... I wasn't sure that this day was ever going to happen where we might need it again and I am just not a stuff keeper. I'm freaking out. Why did I do that?!

-Which leads me to the next thing... What do babies even need? I am not talking about convenience here, people. What do babies NEED? We don't have TONS of space to just have a plethora of baby items floating around. I know we will want need the usual baby room furniture --and since we aren't going to be doing this again (and since I just LOVE stuff like that), we will want to do nursery decor --- and do it right! But, I mean... do I honestly need an exersaucer, a bouncy chair, a walker, a swing, AND a johnny-jump-up? I mean seriously, I don't think our house can hold it... but if we NEED it, then I must... right?

- During our consignment sale fever week, I bought a swing. It's The same swing that we had when SJ was tiny, so I know that it is a good one and gets the job done... (any takers on who wants it after the baby is done with it by the age of 5 months b/c I will definitely be wanting that corner of my living room back?) It's the fisher price aquarium one.. and it does NOT match anything in my house...but it was only $35 for a $100+ swing. I was pretty excited about it.

- Okay, I know my kiddo is only 5... but I walked down the baby aisle at Target this week and GEEZ! They didn't have all that stuff 5 years ago. I was SO overwhelmed... I mean, honestly... I only stayed in that aisle for about 3 minutes and I just had to get out of there. I was so confused/overwhelmed/shocked. Do you guys know of anything cool new things that are just absolute MUSTS?

- Speaking of nursery decor... what is in right now? I want something UBER cute! Something not very traditional, b/c let's face it... I am not your tradition kinda' gal. Where are some good places to look? I have NO idea!

- Has anyone tried those new bumbo things? I just saw those and thought they looked neat... but they seemed like they would only be beneficial for all of about a month? I might be wrong, I'd like some feedback on that.

- Where can I go to find good/budget freindly (oxymoron, I know) baby furniture? I have looked on ebay, but nothing really just jumped out at me. Send me links, people! :)

- and last for today, but not least... I need names. The names that I like, George doesn't... the names that George likes, well - let's just say NO WAY, not gonna happen. I like Southern names, but not typical names... I am not opposed to double names and I am open at this point to pretty much all suggestions. Let's hear 'em!

- OH, and there is one more thing that you just might want to know if you live close to me and see me regularly on order to preserve my sanity and our friendship:

1. DO NOT touch my stomach. I hate that. Loathe it. Dispise it with a passion.
2. Refer to number 1.
3. I am serious about #2 and #1.

As you can see, I am a bit of a nervous wreck. But don't think for a second that I am not excited, I am. Truly, I am. I'll post more about that later when I can get my emotions under control enough to coherently post about what I feel --- until then, distract me with information on baby items, names, advice (you know you have some!), and anything else you feel moved to share. Until then...

As George would say, life is good.


mrsfredknapp said...

We are in a 2 bedroom 969 sq foot apartment. So, we do not have room for Stuff. YOU NEED A ROCKING CHAIR, or glider, or recliner that rocks. (I'm sure you know that) Swing = must have, I got mine as a hand me down, which she bought at a garage sale. You've got your super cute one, so you're set. We don't have an exersaucer, johnny jump up, walker, or any of those fancy things. I do have a bumbo (I got it off of freecycle) They're pretty neat, (albeit ugly) We use it when we're traveling for feeding her. she's just about done with it, because she always tries to get out of it. It cleans up very nicely for any spit up/diaper/whatever accidents.

I don't know if you plan to breast feed, I did but that plan got the kibosh put on it, so I bought Playtex Ventaire advanced bottles (closest to breastfeeding) P.S. THEY SUCK, don't waste your money on them. We used them for 6 weeks and then I complained and sent them back to the company. I've been using the drop ins since then, and zero leaks. Don't feel like you have to get Avent or Dr. Browns, Drop ins have been around for generations, and I now now why.

Do you plan on using disposable diapers or cloth?

Just give him/her lots of love and the "stuff" is just stuff.

busymomof10 said...


I love the quote on your header!

Enjoy your pregnancy!

April Cluck said...

I can't wait to be freaking out like you are...and I HATE it when people touch my stomach too!!!

Elodie said...

i'm so excited for you jay (george and SJ too of course)! i hope you have a boy. boys require less stuff so that would be perfect for you. one thing that i haven't been able to live without is a sling. not a baby bjorn but a sling either a ring sling or a pouch. i have both. i use the pouch (peanut shell is the brand i have but target carries the munchkin one and it is just like it) most often because it is smaller and i can roll it up and keep it in the diaper bag. evan is 23 pounds and i still use it (hip carry). i loved it when he was little bitty because people wouldn't bother him when we were out. they aren't as likely to come up and touch your baby when his head is right next to your boob! and speaking of boobs, you can nurse while wearing the baby too which is a bonus if your nursing. they take some getting used to but it was definitely the one thing i couldn't have done with out!

WhatTheScrap said...

aww, Congratulations! We just found out we are going to have baby #2 as well! (This is Liz Sandefur, by the way) I wish you a happy, healthy 9 months; I'm going through those same thoughts and feelings right now. lol :)