Pink and Brown Madness

So, as you all know --- a few months ago, my Janey Girl got the decorating bug. The plan: A Pink and Brown room. After much shopping and many internet searches we found several different options. Lots of my readers and several of my facebook pals helped me narrow down the decision -- and I chose this one:


The very day that I was going to order this set, Sarah Jane and I decided to kill some time in the best store ever T.J. Maxx. We were strolling up and down each and every isle when there IT was. The perfect bedset. The ONE. We spotted it at the same time. We both reached for it. I threw it in the cart... and immediately began looking for coordinating pieces. To my suprise, I found the coordinating mattlisse! ...and Pillow! --- and it was ALL less than the price of the adorable set that I was planning on ordering. I like to think of it as Fate.

Here is what we ended up with:

My momma made that sweet afghan, but the matlisse' and the bedset were my magic finds:

The White Pillow is going to have the monogram:

Some wall decor from my favorite song:
The nice people at Home Depot cut me some 2 feet wide roofing tin. I spraypainted it brown and then Hubby drilled holes in it... I slapped some magnets on there, and voila'! Art Boards:
The finished Product! Our Pink and Brown Project completed:


Michelle Yoder said...

Don't you love surprise finds like that? The room is gorgeous!

April Cluck said...


Dana said...

Beautiful! Now tell the truth.. How long will it stay that clean?

Jay said...

LOL, I am married to a neat freak that is raising a neat freak. I won't post pics of my dresser/my side of the bathroom/my side of the bedroom but SJ typically keeps her room this way. Not because I make her, because she can't function if it isn't like this. Weirdos, i tell ya. Both of them.

Elodie said...

too cute! i love the polka dots on the stripes. makes for a nice combo!

Ashley said...

That is the cutest room EVER!!!!

I popped over here from the link on your husband's blog. I might have to start stalking yours now too. ;)