Dear Ms. Thomas

You don't know me, and we haven't met yet... but you have occupied the majority of my thoughts for the last month or so. I know your phone number and I finally got to hear your voice for the first time today. I know that you spend the majority of your time about 7 miles from my home, inside 4 walls that you planned for and decorated. I also know that your heart must be big and your patience must be great... and since I prayed for you to be wonderful, I know that you will be.

I know that soon Sarah Jane will come home from spending the day in your classroom full of things that she learned ---that didn't come from me, but rather from you, Her Kindergarten Teacher. By definition, you will "impart knowledge" into the mind and heart of my little one. But I know that your job will be so much more than that. In my place, you will comfort her when she is sad, you will help her when she struggles, you will show her how to overcome obstacles and how to look past differences, you will be there to pat her back when she can't get to sleep at nap-time, you will more than likely be there when she loses her next tooth, you will be there to help her up when she falls down. It will be you there, daily, as not just her teacher, but her guide... and for so many more things than just her ABC's and 123's.

I've done everything that I can think of to prepare her for you. Her clothes are all sorted out ... pants in one place, tops in another. We've been working on writing her letters and spelling short words. Occasionally she writes her J's backwards and her W's look more like Z's... I'm counting on you to help her with that. When it comes to math, she is pretty quick. You won't be able to get much past her. And although she stumbles at times, as all children do, she knows the basics of right and wrong --- so don't let her make you think that she doesn't. Love and compassion are great qualities that she possesses and she also has a flair for the dramatic... I am afraid she gets that from me, sorry in advance.

On Friday morning before I take what I imagine will be the longest car ride up to this point in my life... I'll be sure to make sure that she has everything she needs.

I want you to know that after I take her hand and walk her down that hallway to your classroom, when I let go of her hand and place it in yours... that I am trusting you with my whole world. I know that you are who God sent to me... Special Delivery for my Sarah Jane.

I look forward to meeting you on Thursday.

Jay, Sarah Jane's Mom.


Dan Denardo said...

Nice, Jay. REAL nice.

Dana said...

yep, made me cry.. Can't wait to hear how today goes. We meet Emma's tomorrow.