Is this really the end?

It can't be.

Surely she isn't starting Kindergarten this fall.

Surely she didn't just ask me where babies come from?

Surely she doesn't know her alphabet, colors, numbers, all those things that big kids know.

Surely she didn't ask me to kiss her on the cheek since there were people around.

Surely she hasn't already got her outfit picked out for her first day of kindergarten.

Surely she doesn't want to walk around listening to her ipod.

Surely those baby days aren't gone yet.

Surely I didn't miss them.

Surely I savored every second.

Surely this is just a joke.

Surely it was just yesterday when she was taking her first steps.

Surely she just said Mommy for the first time, Not -- "ugh, Mom... that is SO not fair"

Surely this is not the end of the baby days.

Surely this is not my 5 and a half year old child.


Dana said...

surely that is your five and a half year old. But, it's only the beginning.. How bittersweet is to watch them grow up!

I just try to remind myself that surely, the best friend I'll ever have will be the ones that I get to train for that role their whole lives!

On another note.. Last night, we came in after our cookout with our church friends and we were sitting on our couch. Our neighbors who shooting fireworks and Chloe put her hand up to ear and said, "you hear dat"? I said, "yeah, I hear that". She said, "Sarah Jane"? and pointed upstairs. I said, "no baby, Sarah Jane went home". To which she said in the most pitiful tone, "Sarah Jane gone"? :(. I think Chloe's talked about her more than Emma has. She left a lasting impression around our house!

Tony and Susan said...

NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO surely it doesn't happen that quickly!!!!

Dan Denardo said...

Thank goodness we have photography to freeze time before it races on. It is not a cure, but maybe a consolation. Copies of my favorite photos of our son as a toddler are in a safe-deposit box - they're THAT important.

April Cluck said...

Trystan turned 12 this past March and is going into JR HIGH...I feel as if I am in the twilight zone...if he is too old to need me then who am I?? It is very panicing and heartbreaking to see them grow. But I am so proud when I see his character show through and to see him making the right choices in his BIG decisions and he is old enough now for us to take trips together or to just hang out.

He remembers the trips and the hang out times but not the midnight feedings and ouchy kissing.

Holly said...

What a sweet post. We sent Lucy off to kindergarten last year, and I cried. And cried. Until it was time to pick her up and when she couldn't quit talking about how much fun it was, things got easier. We had a ball last year.
I don't have any of those feelings about school starting this year. Matter of fact, it's quite the opposite! :-) Bring on first grade! Motherhood is so fun. Yet so hard.
I almost feel like it's harder for me with my boys then with Lucy, knowing someday they will belong to another woman who will own their hearts. At least I can always just show up at Lucy's house no matter what and know she'll be happy to see me. My daughter-in-laws may not feel the same. :-( But, such is life. I love what Dana said, about training them to be our best friends. What a neat way to look at it.

Your little girl is beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Dana said...

Love the button! I added it!