I am a terrible decision maker...

So, about 6 weeks ago, Sarah Jane told me that she thought that she had a baby room. She told me that she has been thinking about re-doing her room. Haha, with what money, right?
I try really hard to encourage her to have her own taste and her own style and in all honesty... her room is HER room. Not mine. So this is what I said.

I said Sarah Jane, I need you to think about how you would want to decorate your room. If we can come to an agreement, then we can re-do it.

After that, I didn't hear much about it for about 2 weeks. Then one day, out of the blue, she prances into the living room and yells... PINK and BROWN! I just looked at her like, what are you talking about, girl? And she goes, my room... I want to do it in pink and brown. I think that this all stemmed from a dress that I made for her a while back that she really liked:

(if you like this dress, you need to keep a look out for it on Dana's Blog... she'll be giving one away soon!)

SO... thinking that it was a passing phase, I just shrugged it off... I told her to think about that for a while and look around a little and see if that is what she reall wanted. She has not changed her mind. She talks about it every day.

SO, here I am... on a quest for pink and brown. I usually buy the bedding in a room first, then go from there on the walls... I am having SUCH a hard time on this. I am not a HUGE pink and brown fan...If it were me, we'd buy this and be done with it:

But it is not just me... and she definitely has a mind of her own.

I have SCOURED the internet trying to find a cute bedding set in Pink and Brown and haven't had the best luck (read: I really am not a pink and brown fan)... Everything that I find that I just love, doesn't just love my checkbook.

So, here are some budget friendly finds that I have come across. All of these are less than $100 for the whole set!

Which one would you pick for your 5 (almost 6) year old??

The ebay auction ends on all three of these in less than 24 hours, so if you're visiting from fb-- leave me a comment over there please!!, and if you're a blogger... leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

I added the monogram, b/c this is what it would look like in her room. SJ only has one window in her room and this comes with the sham, comforter, dustruffle, and valance...

I really like this one, but George thinks that it looks like an Old Lady... SJ likes the bows. It comes with the same stuff as the one up top. (that trim is chenelle -- sp?)

This one I really like, but she has sort of off-white furniture, how would that look?

Here is her furniture that she has in her room if that helps you picture it:


Michelle Yoder said...

How fun to be redoing her room! And just because you asked - the last one is adorable!

mrsfredknapp said...

SO HARD FOR ME TO PICK!!!! Brown and pink are my faves too! Lydia has a bit of it already. I also adore dots and stripes so..... I am torn between those. I think the dots might help keep her a "kid" longer the stripes are definitely "teenager-y" but the other one is pretty and elegant. Does she have a fave? I was no help at all, huh?

taysmommy said...

The 3rd one is VERY cute! Shes my kinda kiddo, pink/brown combo is my fav!

Dana said...

I love the top one but it's of a shabby chic nature and the brown and pink combinations are a more modern combination. My favorite is the polka dots. I think it will be okay with the furniture. And if it's not, you can mix in some off white throw pillows and it will be okay.

Jackie said...

I like the 3rd one! It's not too kiddish, yet its not grownup either!

April Cluck said...

I love No. 3. I t will still look great with the furniture that you have and it still says little girl with a big girl vibe. Love it!!!
I have a boy, so I don't get to do teh cute stuff. We may be doing a camo wall in his room...pray for me!!

Dan Denardo said...

Polka dots!

Elodie said...

i say #3 - it's not too much pink & brown and the polka dots are still young and fun. i think it would work fine with off-white furniture. there's enough dots so the white background doesn't jump out at you. have fun!