We chose the name Sarah Jane for lots of reasons... it was a strong southern name, she would have the same initials as me, and we didn't know anyone else with that name. Even now, I don't personally know anyone with her name. I can count on one hand the people that have said ... HEY, I know a person named Sarah Jane. It's a fun name, and it suits my Janey Girl just fine. But still, when I hear of someone with her name it always sparks my interest. There is a group of stories called The Sarah Jane Adventures. My MIL bought a book when Sarah Jane was born in which the main character is also named Sarah Jane. There is an actress with that name that plays on Brothers and Sisters (great show, btw) AND apparently ... there is a ghost by that name too.

So, I am one of THOSE people. You know the ones. The ones that say they don't believe in ghosts and all that mess... but when It comes right down to it, anything I can't explain can be explained that way. My hubby knows this, so he sent me this in an e-mail today...

The Ghost of Sara Jane: (notice the lack of the H, so this is in no way related to my child)

I was told this story by a friend of mine and her mother when I was about eight years old. My family was somewhat new to town and my friend asked if I knew the story of "Sara Jane Road."

As the story goes, the old highway here in Southeast Texas which is called Sara Jane Road by local residents, is haunted by the ghost of Sara Jane and her baby. Legend has it that in Civil War times Sara Jane's husband was fighting in the war and it was just herself and her newborn that lived in a house out in the woods on this highway along the Neches River.

Word got to her that Union soldiers were on their way to her house, so she placed her baby in a wicker basket and set the basket under the wooden bridge that was near her house. She then returned to the house and hung herself from a tree out front.

If you stand on the bridge at midnight you can see a light flickering out in the woods that looks like a light of an old lantern and you can hear Sara Jane's moans & hollers, as she is looking for her baby that she left under the bridge. Some people say that on certain nights like Halloween or Friday the 13th you can actually see the ghost of Sara Jane wandering the woods with her lantern in search of her baby.


The Tri Runner said...

good thing we added that H.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Spooky is right!! LOL That was fun reading! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your weekend! :D

Dana said...

Seriously, good thing you added the H. Wouldn't want to curse your child with that kind of stupidity. Oh no, the union soldiers are coming. I'll hide my baby under a bridge and hang myself. That way, she'll starve to death instead of being killed by the union soldiers.