So, I've had nothing really poetic or thoughtful to share lately. Frankly, I've just been too busy to blog. Seriously, what do you expect? It's Summer-time people. Our house is crazy right now. Every weekend we have stuff going on. During the day, I work at my not-so-typical-nine-to-five-bet-you-wish-you-had-a-job-like-mine job while SJ has been spending her time with the teenage daughter of a good friend of mine and their pool! When afternoon comes, we usually have a million errands to run and then it's usually picture-edit-or-whatever-hobby-I-am exploring-this-week-time. Plus, I just haven't stopped to think about things long enough to want to blog about them. Sometimes, it's good to take a break from things, right?

Anyway... Here are some recent pics. You can read the captions to get all filled in on the day-to-day Houston activities as of late.

Back in May, Sarah Jane graduated from Pre-K. She was SO excited... as you can see (please ignore the up-side-down diploma... I said Pre-K people, not Yale):

Here's the Proud family!:

In keeping with Graduation Talk... I also got to watch My Nephew, Aaron, Graduate from High School.. that is SO insane to me... Here we are doing a typical Baugh family picture:

Also, I got to watch my Niece, Makyla, graduate from her high school. I can't believe that they are both grown. It's so crazy to see these pictures to me!

While in town for graduation, I got to catch a show and do a shoot of My Sister's Hubby's band, Whiskey Run. They are Awesome:

I don't know exactly happened here. George and Sarah Jane were going on a Daddy-Daughter Date like they do every month... and Sarah Jane and I were getting her ready. Well, she laid out her clothes and we did her hair. When she got dressed, she looked two years older:

Here she is, back from the Putt-Putt date... all sprawled out in the chair listening to her Ipod. Yeah, my 5 year old has an i-pod. I don't care what you think. The kid LIVES for music:

Sarah Jane and I have been watching this nest that we found in our front porch fern for a few weeks... we can't wait to see what hatches from these beauties:

We went to the beach a few weeks ago to celebrate my MIL's retirement from teaching. While we were there, we took some family pictures... this one is my favorite:

(We will be taking more at the end of the month... maybe it's not this windy in SC! Our poor hair.)

Here is George's brother and his beautiful family. I love all these babies... and the one on the way:

Here is one of Sarah Jane's beach pictures for this year. We lost track of time completely and almost didn't make it to the sunset! If you want to see more, check out .click. :

Here are just a few fun pics from the weekend:

June, the guest of honor, and GB relaxing on the swing:

Ghost Crab Hunters Extraordinairre (they caught SO many crabs!):

I am sure that you have heard me talk about George's grandmother that beat lymphoma at 86 years old. During that fight, she lost all of her hair. Sarah Jane was there for the whole process, every step. She even let GB borrow her princess wigs :). After hearing about Locks of Love... Sarah Jane decided a while back that she wanted to grow out her hair to donate. I absolutely loved the idea. Here are some pics of my big girl getting her "big heart" haircut (as my friend Dana called it after her little girl did this too!) What sweet little girls we have! :

The Locks came off! Check out that proud face!:

Last weekend we suprised my MIL with a retirement party at our house. She had no idea! We had lots of people over, George's brother and his fam came into town... it was a BLAST! Here is a pic of Me and June (June is in shock):

Checking out the goods:

After the weekend, Cole stayed with Nana for the rest of the week and got to come over to out house to hang out for a few afternoons:

One night after VBS Sarah Jane stretched out and got comfy on the couch. I can't believe how big she is!:

So, there you have it... Hope it was all you hoped it would be. ha. Maybe I will get some inspiration to write something thought provoking or theological soon... until then, this will just have to do!

Hope all of you are doing well!

**on a sidenote, my Grandmother just had a major surgery, she came out of it fine... but it is going to be a long recovery road ahead. Hard for her, and hard for my mother that cares for her. So, if you pray, please remember them**

And if you are wondering why I titled this post "FAIL" --- it's because I have been CRACKING UP at Fail Blog. Just type that into your search browser, it's freakin' hillarious. I can stay on that one site for hours and just Laugh.


Chelle said...

Love all the pics! I love her haircut--and that she gave it to Locks of Love. That's so sweet of her to want to do that :)

Dan Denardo said...

I especially love the SJ "hand on hip" photo, Jay. I've got a sneakin' suspicion that you & George are going to need to fend off the boys when she's a teenager!