Love in it's purest form...

If you've never seen it, you're about to.

Sarah Jane and her Great-Grandmother share a love that is beyond anything else that I have ever seen. They've been that way since the first time that she held her. In fact, Sarah Jane's first word was her name.

Today, she turned 88. I guess, to most people 88 sounds wonderful, but is pretty normal. Not that long ago, we almost lost her. She was disgnosed with Lymphoma that was in it's last stages and asked if she preferred Hospice care or if she would rather go without assistance. They gave her 3 months to live... a few years ago.

I remember when I met her 7 years ago, she was so full of life and energy. I remember being in awe of everything that she was able to do "at her age".

Not long after I met her, I remember her telling me that she loved us, but that she prayed every night for God to take her home to her husband. Although I hated the thought of that, I knew she was lonely and missed him terribly. But, when Sarah Jane was born, she told me that she had a new prayer --- for more days with her Sarah Jane.

When she was diagnosed with the Lymphoma, she decided to opt for the chemo. We didn't know that it was going to work, in fact we were afraid that it was just going to make her sicker and prolong the inevitable... but we were wrong. She is a fighter. She was so sick. She had night sweats and hallucinations, she was cold and then hot, she took SO many pills and had countless needles inserted into her almost paper thin skin. She even spent a little while in a Nursing home so she could have around the clock care... she went through SO much during those few months. The whole time she was there, she reminded me that Sarah Jane was her reason for fighting. This love they have is indescribable. During the chemo, Sarah Jane helped her pick out her wig, she helped her cut her hair when it started to fall out, she "read" the bible to her when she couldn't get out of bed, and she prayed the sweetest prayers you have ever heard for her "Grand-bubba" --God listened.

Happy 88th Birthday Grand-Bubba, you will never know how much you are loved.


The Tri Runner said...

Okay enough. When I watched the video last night I cried. And now that I read the post that you put with it I cried again.

Ron said...

Oh wow! This is a truly remarkable story. You know, sometimes people come into our lives that are just "Meant to Be", and no matter the age difference, race, religion, we are connected none the less. It was truly God's wish to bring her and Sarah Jane together. She's truly inspirational! Thank you for sharing.

Tammy said...

What an awesome song to go with that! It was perfect! We love her so much!

Michelle Yoder said...

That was beautiful!