One down... ???? to go?

After the wedding on Saturday, we got to have dinner with an old friend and her hubby-to-be. Sarah Jane is going to be the flower girl in their wedding in May, and we had a great time getting to know him! Robby is a perfect match for Whitney, I can't wait for their big day!

While we were waiting on our food, SJ was telling Robby about her new loose tooth (which has been loose for about a week). Robby, not knowing Sarah Jane's remarkable fearlessness, asked her if she wanted him to pull it out... and she said YES!!

So, after dinner... Robby went to wash his hands. While he was gone, Sarah Jane asked Whitney ... "Is he a professional tooth yanker or something?" --- haha. I thought that was so cute...

When he got back, she was a little shy about it, but let him pull it out anyway! NO TEARS --- right there at dinner!

When we got home late last night, Sarah Jane put the tiny little tooth under her pillow. This morning when she woke up, there was FIVE BUCKS! She was SOOO excited. She has shown everyone her missing tooth!

There are definitely no questions as to the fact that she is no longer a baby...
I still love that she says Lizzert instead of dessert, but that is about it. I DARE ANYONE to correct her, it's the last thing left!

Here are a few cute things that she has said lately:
"Mommy, when snow melts... is it milk?"
"What does gangsta' mean?"
"We can go back to Disney World, I have $12"
Here is the big moment! --


Paul Merrill said...

Hey Jay.

I think I said this before, but thanks for the link to us in your sidebar!

Blessings as you raise up your little girl. It sounds like you are enjoying those moments, like her losing that first tooth. My little girl turns 8 this week! (Where did the time go?!)

-Paul Merrill for Wycliffe's The Seed Company

Ron said...

Five bucks?!?! Wow, the toothe ferry these days are so generous :) I remember I was lucky if I got a quarter!

Jay, I just realize I never replied to your question about which lens I like for the 40D. Well, one of my favorite lens is my 28-105 USM. It's relatively cheap ($250 maybe?). I've had this lens forever and it's my favorite becuase its fairly wide and its a mid-range telephoto if you really need to use it. Another one I like is my 17-55 2.8. It's a bit more costly but it's awesome! The 2.8 helps too in low light. As for telephoto, I like my 70-200 2.8 USM IS. It's very expensive (almost $2000), but its worth every penny!