It's no secret that the Obama's are a beautiful family... From Michelle's striking J. Crew apparel on inauguration day to Obama's always handsome attire... The President's family has, at the very least, started fashion trends. J. Crew's catalogs are on back order and their sales have almost doubled since Michelle's debut in them. But now the younger ones are making waves with... UGLY DOLLS? Check out the little blue guy in the bottom left corner hanging from Sasha's backpack... yep, that's an ugly doll. My MIL was telling me all about them today... and i LOVE them. You can read all about them on their website!
Here is a closer look at sassy little Sasha's Ugly doll...
There is a store here in town that sells them... and since my Sarah Jane couldn't possibly be left out of this latest trend... We came home with Peaco, the pink ugly doll:
Sarah Jane and him have alot in common... here is what his tag says.... "Peaco is very shy. Well... shy on the outside. On the inside, Peaco is a wild man! You can see it in his eyes. All three.Peaco really shines when he’s doing what he does best. DANCING! Peaco loves to dance in the water...much to the dread of his cousin Cinko. Why dance in the water? Well, think about it! When you dance in the water, no one can see you! SHY! Remember? It’s kind of a pain explaining water dancing to lifeguards though. Please dance with Peaco. He’s seen your moves! (So don’t step on his ears.)"

If you'd like one of your own, you can check the website... they are so UGLY, they're cute --- I promise!

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