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So, I got interviewed by my husband... here are my answers.

Interview Questions:

1.)Weddings, Portraits, Landscapes, Babies, Etc. – What is your faviorte subject to photograph? Why?

I can't pick just one!! --- They all are totally different. I look at weddings as a challenge --- weddings are a celebration of love, a public announcement to God and everyone that two people are so incredibly in love that they vow to never love another, I try to get a picture of that love, that joy -- When that happens, there is nothing better ---there is nothing more beautiful. Portraits are unique in that they are the only things that are really orchestrated, they're fun... but probably my least favorite. Landscapes are on a different scale completely... I love to get the perfect shot of that sunset, or the fog settling, or that one tree. Capturing God's creation through a camera lens can be breathtaking. --- Oh, and Babies. I love babies. Babies are just so unpredictable... and require alot of patience. They are by far the most amazing things on the planet and when I do get the opportunity to photograph them, I am always moved by the outcome. They are all so unbelievably unique and individual, even at only a few days old.

2.)If you could teach your daughter one thing, what would it be and why?

I would teach her self-worth. So often, society teaches girls that they aren't good enough... that they can be better. --- and while self-improvement is always good, I want it to be for the right reasons. I want her to know how valuable she is, how amazing she is, how smart she is, how beautiful she is, how talented she is, how funny she is. I never want her to feel uncomfortable in a room full of strangers. I want her to be confident of her abilities, no matter what they are. I want her to stand firm in the things that she believes in and never waver. I want her to be a beautiful person from the inside-out... not necessarily the outside-in.

3.)If you could go on a Dream Vacation - Where would you go? Who would you take? What would you do?

We already did it... I have wanted to go to Disney World since I was a little girl. I can't wait to go back and see all the things we missed out on... I want to do it ALL! I only wish that I could bring my Mom with us next time. I know that she would love it just as much as I did.

4.)What was the Best & Worst photo shoot you have ever done?

My favorite pictures that I have ever done might suprise you. You won't find them on my click page.. you'll find them in a box in our coat closet and in files and files on my computer. I love those pictures of Sarah Jane when she was baby and you had just come home from work. She was playing in her diaper and you just tickled her... I got tons and tons of pictures of her laughing. When I look at those, I can still hear it. I love the pictures of Sarah Jane with the neighborhood dog, LuLu... she's in a bright floral dress and the dog is the same size she is and she was trying to "ride" him. I love the pictures of Sarah Jane and Cole when we went to Chehaw park... she was wearing a little blue outfit and the rolls on her thighs made dimples on her knees... I could go on and on.
My least favorite shoot is hard to say. I can pick apart my pictures for hours until they are all terrible. I'm my worst critis when it comes to that stuff.

5.)What one question would you ask Barack Obama if you could have lunch with him next week?

You asked me this on purpose. I know that he must feel overwhelmed right now... I can't imagine what he must be feeling, he has alot to live up to and tons of promises to keep. I have tons of political questions that I would ask, tons of questions about policies and procedures --- but what I really want to know is what he wanted to be when he was a little boy. Was he that kid that said, When I grow up... I want to be President? Did he get laughed at, if he was... and how did he not let that stop him? Where does his confidence come from?

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The Tri Runner said...

Very Cool!

1.) I love you thought on weddings. Trying to get a of that 'love'

2.) Self Worth is very important. I hope she learns it.

3.) Maybe we will have to go back.

4.) You should try and get those pictures on the computer like you did with our wedding pictures.

5.) That is a very good question. I would like to know that myself.