Yesterday my BABY had her fifth birthday party... Her actual birthday is on December 17th, but the closer you get to Christmas, the harder it is to find free space on people's calendars for Birthday parties. There was a jumping castle, horse-shoes, line dancin', a pinata, and lots of fun!! Here are some highlights from the day:

My Cowgirl:

Stick em' up! :

Definitely not a baby anymore:

Cowgirl! :

We all got in on the Western Fun! :


Fun in the jumping Castle:

What a cute little cowboy:

Tex and Kotex... or was it Tex and Texass? :

Cowboy Sam:



After the party, Sarah Jane had 2 friends over for a sleep-over. They had lots of fun drawing princesses and doing make-up. Who knows what time they finally fell asleep, but they had a great time!

Webkin Fun:


Dana said...

Adorable! What a super cute idea!

Um, you might be getting another Christmas card from me. I ran out of stamps and since we moved, I was trying to send out the ones to people who didn't have our address first. I knew you had it because I gave it to you the other day. But I could have sworn you were in the stack that I mailed out this morning. If you get two, just take it that I love you extra much!

and I do!

Tammy said...

The cake turned out great! Very cute. I hate that I missed the party. It would have been a lot of fun.
I'm glad we got to get together today. I enjoyed lunch!