She's Officially FIVE!

A tiny black and white image,
So Unreal to me.
A tiny little speck,
No bigger than a pea.
Yet somehow, completely
She enveloped my heart…
I knew at that moment,
It was only the start.
The first time I held her
Was on a cold winter day
At that very instant,
My life was changed.
There was a princess party
The year she turned one
Time flew by so quickly,
But it had just begun.
Elmo and Barney
Soon took over our minds
But all too quickly
she left them behind.
She moved on to castles and fairy tales
And bigger, better things…
with an overwhelming desire
To know everything.
Before I knew it,
3 years had already passed
And any effort I made to freeze time…
Just Didn’t last.
She loved sleeping beauty
And a cow named Mo-Mo too…
And then once again,
Another year was through.
There were so many changes
Durng her fourth year…
Pre-K and other Milestones,
Lots of laughter and tears.
Yet, no Greater joy
Have I ever known
Than being a part
Of helping her grow.
Once again, it’s a cool winter day
But now … she is five.
I will never understand
How quickly time can fly.
She still loves Sleeping Beauty,
And yes, Mo-Mo too.
And my favorite thing in the world is hearing:
“Mommy, I love you."

--Love, Mommy

Now...here is a fun little digital memory book of the year. Thanks, Tammy, for telling me about this site. I love it!


Tammy said...

Wow, you wrote that! Beautiful! Tears in my eyes. That will be Emerson before I know it! So sweet!

Tony and Susan said...

i am crying because i know that will be me tomorrow!! and because i suck at poetry and anything creative so my babies will probably just get a "happy birthday, i love you" :)