Here are a "few" pics from Halloween this year! We had a great time!

Sarah Jane as a Pumpkin Princess:
Her Costume lit up... she thought it was SO cool!
Thanks NANA for the great costume!

Emerson, the chicken!
Sarah Jane was a chicken for her 1st Halloween, this brought back some memories. She was adorable!

Emerson and her Mommy and Daddy:

We have started a tradition, I guess. Every year all of our friends and our kids get together and load up on this trailor. We decorate it and fill it with hay and the kids ride through the neighborhood to trick or treat. They love it and it works great, it's a fun fun things we always look forward to:

George refuses to be serious when taking a picture:


I am glad that Sarah Jane returned the favor: (haha)

Mario and Luigi came Trick or Treating with us too! Aren't these costumes great?? Christian and Khaaliq are so cute!

I had Captain Jack Sparrow's sword:

These weren't taken with my camera so the color is a bit off, but here is a shot of everyone waiting to go to the next house:

Sarah Jane and Katie Beth:
Tammy, Lee, Michele, Danette, and me:

Family picture at the "Cemetery" :

Michele and the WITCH (aka Taylor):

Checking out the goods:
Me and the sweetest little pirate, Catherine:

The Moms:

The Kids:
Showing Grandbubba the goods:
At the end of the night:

Halloween this year, as you can see, was a blast!!


Scott Sapp said...

I really enjoyed going trick-or-treating with you guys this year!

Scott Sapp said...

Oh, you may not have seen me, 'cause I went as a ninja. And we all know that they are invisible.

Way better than pirates.

Dana said...

looks like a blast! So many people in these pictures that I love and haven't seen in so long. And, so many children that I've never met :(...