Super Saturday

We started out the weekend with a trip to Boston. Boston, GA that is. It's a cozy little town, a little smaller than the one I grew up in... George did a 1/2 marathon there that morning. The town really gets into this race. From the looks of things, it was the social event of the year for the one block town. There were tents set up wih vendors in the bank parking lot, carnival games, pony rides, A freakin' awesome DJ, and Funnel Cake. Even Miss Boston and her court were there. Here is a short video of the race (George did great! --- But else would you expect from my running-crazy hubby?):

Since I had about 2 hours to kill during the race, I went to the little cafe in the middle of town to read my book (Eclipse, the third in the Twilight series). When i got there I was the only one in the place, so I didn't really feel guilty for occupying a table. I did order some Sweet Tea and a piece of caramel cake (out of courtesy [right]). I don't know if everyone in town woke up at the same time or if they all just got hungry at the same time... but before I knew it the place was packed. I was at a table for 2 with the only empty chair in the place at my table. There was a man that wandered in, everyone knew him. He was adorable. I imagine he was in his late 70's or so. He wore a plaid shirt and khakis, his glasses set low on his nose. It was cold, so he had on his nylon jacket and his hair was a faded shade of red. I never met George's grandfather, but I think that this man was the closest that I will ever get to it. He shook people's hands all the way to my table and just sat right down... then he asked me if he could sit with me. :) He laughed, and told me that I could keep reading if I wanted to, but he was still going to talk to me. He rambled on for a little while, laughing at himself and making me laugh too. The waitress brought him an egg sandwich and a coffee and a water (he didn't place an order). I listened to him talk to the people at the table beside/behind/across from me, while I was reading my book and every now and then he would ask me a question. It was cool to be in a place like that with that nice old man and strange that he reminded me of a man that I have never met, only heard of and seen in pictures.

Time passed and I met George as he was crossing the finish line --- Of course we stopped at Chick-fil-A on the way home and then ran through the local Goodwill (I love to look for children's books in thrift stores). George had some NASTY blisters on his feet so we headed back home.

On the way home I spotted a Fall produce stand, complete with pumpkin jumping castle and cotton field... and CORN MAZE. George agreed to the challenge, so I whipped the car around and we paid our ONE DOLLAR and headed for the maze. We discussed splitting up, but I am glad that we didn't... only b/c it was way tougher than either one of us thought. We ran into dead end after dead end before finally making it out about 15 minutes later. Proud of ourselves, we bought some peas, peanuts, and a cantaloupe and went home to pick up Janey-girl from her sleepover at Nana and Grandbubba's.

After we got Janey, we headed home to watch Georgia spank LSU. Well, George watched the game.. I watched George dance around the house and yell crazy things at the TV and sing the Georgia fight song and do cheers at the top of his lungs... I guess it worked b/c they won. :) I also finally got to re-do the bedroom, I don't have pictures yet... but I will get them up. :)

After the game we went to the haunted house downtown... George pretended that he wasn't scared (I wouldn't have been scared either if I would have kept my eyes on the ground)--- But I didn't, so it scared me. I love halloween and all the boo-ing and thrills and excitement. What can I say, I'm a big kid. :)


Tony and Susan said...

how fun! what a perfect fall saturday!! and i guess i'm eventually going to have to read the twilight series because i keep hearing about it from, like, EVERYONE! would i like it even if i am totally not in to vampires?

Jay said...

Yes!! You would love it, I promise... I'm not into vampires, but the book is great --- all of them! (and you might be into vampires after reading it... you never know, hah)