Quote of the day:

"The game of love is about how much you can take,
but authentic love is about how much you can give."
-India Arie, of course.

This weekend, George will be doing a race in Boston, GA.... which means that I will be getting up at way-too-early:thirty to watch and take pictures as he takes off. I will then get about a 2 hour break to read some more of Eclipse, my book (that I have been intentionally putting off so I will have something to do during those 2 hours). After which I will take more pictures and ride home with my racing hubby. If I had this shirt, I would wear it to the race tomorrow (with a jacket, because it's supposed to be chilly):
After the race, George will be watching the Georgia/LSU game, which I could care less about... SOOOOO I ill be redecorating my bedroom. I am SOO excited (as if you couldn't tell by my overusage of the letter O in the word so). After a week long search, I finally found a bedset that I am in love with... and 2 pictures, some curtains, and a "zen-like" tray (b/c George said that he would like our house to be more Zen... WHAT does that mean?!?) I will post pictures of the new room when I get it up and going tomorrow.


After the game, we're going to a HAUNTED HOUSE. I am super excited... I love things like that...


Funny Janey story... i think it's funny anyway (I told George ad he didn't laugh... so maybe it isn't funny, after all.)

I had just picked SJ up from school yesterday and she was singing the the backseat (as usual). The she asked me if we could sing that song from the movie, Cars. I told her I wasn't sure which one she was talking about (I really was... I just wanted to hear her sing it with her cute little voice) --- Well this is what she sung:

"Light in the Hallway, I wanna light it all night long"

Oh the joy of being 4 years old. I guess in her mind, leaving the light in the hallway on is a pretty big thing. :) I love her a little more everyday.


Nothing too insightful or witty in this post, I know... sorry. :)