My oldest brother Kevin was in a very serious motrcycle accident on October 16, 2005 (almost exactly 3 years ago) on his way to pic up my niece from her Mom's. He was hit from behind and run over by a drunk driver who approached him very quickly from behind.

It was a TERRIBLE accident, one that I still don't know how he lived through.

At the time of the accident, there were many major concerns... in addition to kidney function, various broken bones, fever and several threats of infection in many places, the major concern was in his left leg. His wounds there were the most extensive. After several surgeries and lots of time... the battle is not over by a longshot.

My brother has 4 young kids spanning from 2nd grade to 7th and a leg that he still to this day can't bend. My brother has a medical career as a nurse and serves in the medical field in the military. He is a fighter... and tomorrow he is beginning a new fight, not giving up on this one.

Tomorrow morning my brother has a surgery scheduled in Birmingham to have his left leg amputated. After the surgery there will be lots of time, pain, and healing... but he will be walking with a prosthetic leg from now on.

He hopes to return to work in 4 weeks, and if anyone can... it's him.

Please keep you fingers crossed and say a prayer for my big brother tomorrow (and all the tomorrows after that for a while). Also, lift one up for my sister-in-law and the kids as I am sure that they will have a long road ahead of them, as well.

I love you, Kevin! I wish that I could be there with you!!

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