Song of the Moment..

Sometimes music says more than I ever could..
This song is where my mind has been this week.
How did I get locked up inside?
What's this that renders me paralyzed?
I lost myself in small pieces..
It happened over time.
I traded love for a heavy chain
Another link every other day
I pulled it up and down a mountain
It made me want to say..
No more chains
No more chains
Big and small,
watch them fall away
No more chains
Big and small,
watch them fall away
I wonder now if the choice was mine
The door was open,
I walked inside
Nobody had my arm twisted
Nobody made me stay
The face of freedom can show up small
A tiny crack in a prison wall
A song that rises up from silence
A voice that wants to say...
I should let you give me wings
I should let you set me free
--Nicole Nordeman, from BRAVE
On a side note...
I really want to find a church that I like here... this has by far been the hardest thing about moving. I miss my church in Albany, I don't think that another one like it exists.

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