Okay Susanliscious

I was tagged to post six random things about me. I thought that this would be a lot easier than it actually was...

1. I don't worry enough. I know that sounds crazy, but when things are going hay-wire, I don't. I just have forced myself to not let things get to me for so long, that now... they really don't. I think that there should be a blance of this. I am just from one extreme to the other.
2. I like to take pictures of empty chairs. There is just something about them, I can't explain it. I just look at them as places to relax, share things, clear your mind. Rocking chairs on porches are my favorite. They just hold so much.
3. I don't mind when people say my child is spoiled. I want her standards to be high, that way she won't settle.
4. I want a tattoo of an empty bird cage on my back rib cage. I am going to get it when I am 25. That is a little over a year away, so it gives me plenty of time to change my mind... but I have been thinking about it for a year already and my mind hasn't changed. An empty cage you might ask? --- well, I tend to cage myself sometimes, unintentionally. I feel like I am just now starting to get out of the last cage I have been in. I have a huge fascination with birds, and on top of that people call me jay-bird all the time... so it would serve as a reminder to me to stay outside of the cage and not in. maybe that was TMI. Oh well.
5. I have never been to Disney World.
6. And here is my high school fact (since Dana and Susan did it) -- I wasn't a partier.... while all my friends were having field parties, I was hanging out at Christy's or on the couch. I just wasn't into it. I was typical in every other way... i hated high school, I wanted out.... there was so much drama. And now, looking back, I miss it. Those were good times.

Now I am supposed to tag some folks:
1. Tammy
2. Huck
3. Michael


Tony and Susan said...

awesome! thanks for playing! i knew yours would be good because you really seem to self-reflect! that's really interesting about the empty chairs.

Michael said...

You tagged me? Just twist my arm into another blog post. ;-)