Postsecret Numero 2

I think that I have told you all beofre about Postsecret. It's an online community art project ran by a guy named Frank. The concept is people are suppsed to mail in their "deepest secrets" on hand-decorated post-cards and among the hundreds that he recieves weekly, Frank posts a select few on his blog. (see link over there ------------>> ) I am not exactly sure why I am so fascinated by these secrets, but I know that I am not the only one that is. Maybe people are so facinated with them b/c they long to read a secret that resembles their own so they don't feel so isolated, maybe it's because people are just nosey, it could be because people are really interested in the art of it, or It could be some people really do enjoy reading other people's problems to help them feel better about their own. Who knows? Regardless of the reason, it is fascinating. I usually check them 1st thing Sunday morning... and typically a few more times throughout the week to read responses that people have left.
I have thought a few times about mailing one in... but I can't think of one that I think would be appropriate. But occasionally, I come across other people's secrets and they just strike me like this one below did, for example.

He Posts new secrets every Sunday, so check them out.

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