Last night Sarah Jane and I ate pizza (so healthy... i know) and watched a Teenie bopper movie called Sleepover. There was your typical "average" girls just trying to "survive" high school and then your over the top, extraordinarily mean "popular" girl. Well, at one point Stacey, the popular one made a really mean remark to Yancey (the average one) that went something like this:
Stacey: Hey Yancey, my dad's a lawyer
Yancey: (with astonishment that she is being spoken to) Yeah!
Stacey: Yeah, maybe he can help you sue the diet pill company since the pills didn't work.
(After Stacey made the remark, there were some other girls that had overheard and invited Yancey to a sleepover. Thus comes the movie title)
Up until this point in the movie Sarah Jane had only noticed the outfits the girls were weraing and the colors and all the wonder of what High School might be like from that aspect. It had never crossed her mind that it isn't like K-3 at all. :)
Now comes the Quote of the day:
Mommy, when I get to high school, I want to be friends with everybody. Even the people that don't want to be my friends. And maybe if I am nice to everyone, then everyone will be nice to me. I want people to think that I am nice.

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Tony and Susan said...

so sweet! i pray those thoughts will be in my kids' heads and those words will come out of their mouths!